Scab power

By Allen St. John

By Letters to the Editor

Published October 27, 2000 7:59AM (EDT)

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What an awful, biased, ugly, spiteful, agenda-driven article! What that agenda is, only its bitter author could possibly know. Why is he so pissed off?

Is he, by chance, a Communications Worker union man, lamely showing solidarity to his fellow workers? We aren't talking about coal miners here, striking for safe working conditions and a decent wage. No! These are VERY privileged professional athletes. (Bernie Williams, albeit the second highest paid player in baseball, gets paid twice as much per inning, PER INNING, as I make in a month.) We're supposed to feel sorry for these guys? Six years later? Do you think the average baseball fan gives two shits about union politics? Should we have sided with the players' union six years back when they denied us half the season, and the playoffs, and the World Series? We're supposed to be pissed off at the few players who felt the need to feed their families, or perhaps continued to play for sheer love of the game? What a joke!

Why is St. John dragging all this out now? Why does he only quote self-righteous union representatives? Why not give Agbayani and Reed a chance to speak their mind, like a real journalist would, like a real article would? And how can you be so nasty and manipulative as to contrast El Duque's political situation with Reed's employment decisions? And, finally, what the hell do Rick Reed's looks ("the body of a beer-league softball player," "wouldn't win any beauty contests") have to do with ANYthing? How peevish. How irrelevant. How vile.

-- Pete Hausler

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