Antonio Banderas talks about sin

"What is really 'Latin Lover'?" Ben Stiller on Calista's bod. Plus: Richie Sambora says watching Heather's love scenes is "like working in a pet store"!

Published November 1, 2000 5:44PM (EST)

Antonio Banderas would like to make one thing perfectly clear: He and Angelina Jolie did not get it on while filming "Original Sin." Not even a little bit.

"Nothing could be farther from the truth," Banderas insists in the upcoming issue of Biography magazine. "Angelina is so in love with Billy Bob Thornton, and I am so in love with my wife [Melanie Griffith], that it is impossible -- there's no room for that."

In fact, he says, he really doesn't understand his sexy rep. "Perhaps you can explain it to me -- I don't know what is really 'Latin Lover,'" he says. "Is it a man walking on the beach, winking at the girls and looking for going to bed? Is it someone who wears a lot of gold chains and rings and sits at the bar? Because this is not me! I am very, very Latin, but not so much lover."

How do you say "too bad" in Spanish?

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The skinny from an ex

"All those rumors about her being underweight are trash. She's gorgeous."

-- Recently married Ben Stiller endorsing ex-girlfriend Calista Flockhart's "supremely beautiful" body.

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Clearing up everything but how the rabbit got in the hat

And while we're on the subject of rumors, David Copperfield would like to make a few of the most persistent whispers about him disappear.

First off, he writes on his Web site,, he and his ex-squeeze Claudia Schiffer were not a fake couple, and he did not have a contract specifying that he would pay her to appear in public with him.

"Anyone who believes this is missing the gene for common sense," he says. "Claudia is loaded. She has no motive to fake a relationship ... She doesn't need the dough, and frankly I don't need to pay a woman to be seen with me (or for anything else)."

And what of Claudia's new boyfriend's father's claim that the magician "never touched" his girlfriend? "The crack and Ecstasy must be very potent in England this time of year," Copperfield says. "I don't recall her new beau's father ever being in the bedroom with us, watching."

As for the rumor that he's gay, Copperfield says it "should be obvious" that this allegation is false. "No self-respecting gay guy would have ever made some of the hair and clothing choices I am still trying to live down."

Three words: Siegfried and Roy.

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How rumors get started

"Liam told me he thought of me as he was lying in the street."

-- Christopher Reeve on how Liam Neeson developed a sudden interest in spinal research after the motorcycle accident that shattered his pelvis in July.

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Juicy bits

Perhaps you've been wondering how Richie Sambora feels when he watches his wife, Heather Locklear, film love scenes? The Bon Jovi guitarist tells "Dateline NBC" that, while he found it kinda rough at first, he's A-OK with it now. It's sort of like working in a pet store, he says: "After a while, you get used to the smell."

Is Mike Myers thinking pink? Who knows? But he's definitely seeing green. According to Variety, the former Mr. Powers has been offered $20 million to star as Inspector Clouseau in a remake of "The Pink Panther." Myers is also in multimillion-dollar negotiations to star alongside Anne Heche in the comedy "Timepiece." Does your former lesbian bite?

Heartwarming news from somewhere over the rainbow. Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft are holding hands again. Judy Garland's two daughters have apparently reconciled after Minnelli's scary bout with viral encephalitis. The half-sisters had been feuding for years. "This is what family is all about. You can bicker all you want, but when the chips are down, you're there for each other. My sister is here for me, and I love her very much," Minnelli said in a statement. There's no place like home.

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