Killer cops

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 3, 2000 8:41AM (EST)

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The shooting is not evidence of racial bias by black police officers. It is evidence that if you point what looks like a gun at a police officer, you are likely to get shot and you deserve it.

It's not fair to put a racial burden on somebody for reacting to what had to appear like a lethal threat.

-- Charles Stanford

Hutchinson must not live in Los Angeles because he obviously did not see the rest of the story carried on the local news. The LAPD showed the news media the gun that Anthony Lee was carrying the night he was killed. Side by side with a real Desert Eagle handgun, it was indistinguishable, and would be less so from 10 feet away. The fake gun was black and had the detailing of the real gun. It is not like the toy guns that kids are allowed to play with in these times, with their bright neon colors.

This incident was not because of class or race, it was because of the shortsightedness of the victim. If anybody should be supported in this situation, it is the police officer who was drawn into a shooting situation and will need to deal with the fact that somebody has been killed by his hand.

-- John Fracisco

The problem no one wants to talk about or address is, Why? Why is the image of young black men such that it is reasonable to presume them dangerous in the absence of any other mitigating information? I do not claim to have the answer but I can tell you that it has very little to do with white racism and almost everything to do with black folks and what they exalt as their own values. Has anyone taken a good look at what passes for "black entertainment"? A parade of pimps, Shaniquas, niggas and hos shaking their asses in defiance of the rest of America or, as they call it, "keepin' it real."

Make up your mind, black America: Which is it? Lest anyway call me a racist, I happen to be black.

-- Craig Allen

In cases of racial profiling, the race of the cop makes no difference. After centuries of society being conditioned to see all black males as "different" and inherently violent it has now become ingrained. While the hope is black officers might be more aware, the institutionalization of these beliefs causes them to be taken up by the members of the institution, in this case the LAPD.

That black cops are now shooting and killing unarmed blacks is no surprise. They are reacting to the messages of the institutions of which they are a part. It makes it no less racist.

-- C. Maxwell

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