Bush to speak at anti-gay school

By Jake Tapper

Published November 4, 2000 8:36PM (EST)

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I don't understand the point of your article. While homosexuality is immoral, the worst part of it is that it is so destructive. Bush, like me and most other compassionate conservatives, is more than willing to assist homosexuals in their struggle with their pathology. I would imagine that over 90 percent of the faculty, staff and student body at Cornerstone University would do the same. Now that's compassion!

If a homosexual student attended Cornerstone and was neither practicing nor parading around his sexuality do you really think the administration would even know? It is only those who have an axe to grind that would disrupt Cornerstone's primary mission. There is nothing wrong with excluding such miscreants.

-- Jack Deavers

As an alumna of Cornerstone University whose daughter is a student and was at the rally today, I think Bush was not there to condone Cornerstone's policies. He was there to ask people to vote for him.

By your definition, Senator Lieberman is a sexist because of the practice in Jewish places of worship of separating women and men.

Our Constitution provides freedom of religion. Cornerstone is a deeply religious university. The beliefs they hold are not based on the unchanging Word of God not on the continually shifting values of society.

If politicians must confine all of their political appearances to locations where everyone agrees with the politician's viewpoints that will mean no more political rallies.

-- Charlotte Nutter

The decision by George W. Bush to speak at an anti-gay university reflects not only on his inability to "get it" in terms of human rights and respect, but his inability to figure out who he is. There is no depth in this man who appears to operate on a principle of convenience, not compassion.

-- Robert Heasley

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