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By Katharine Mieszkowski

By Letters to the Editor

Published November 10, 2000 8:58AM (EST)

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Can someone tell me why this woman is qualified to take over her spouse's job? Has she had a career in politics that I haven't heard about? This isn't like becoming queen. But on the other hand, let the people who voted for a dead guy/wife of dead guy get what they deserve for the next two years.

-- Liz Reisman

As a voter in Missouri, a person who consider themselves pro-feminist and a voter for Mel Carnahan (OK, I vote straight ticket), I must point out that your cynical portrayal of Carnahan's election was off base.

I would submit that Missourians made a deliberate choice to NOT vote for Ashcroft. Sure, some people voted for Carnahan as a gift to Jean, but it was not the sort of simplistic, misogynist Faustian bargain you suggest.

Rather, it was a political gesture. Carnahan took office after Ashcroft and made this state a much better place to be for all of its people and he lost his life in that pursuit. Jean Carnahan has been seen with her husband in many public appearances and was not an unknown within the state (although she seems to be an unknown to you).

My vote said good riddance to Ashcroft and thanks to BOTH Mel and Jean for their service. He will be sorely missed.

-- Ben Ricker

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