Where's Business, Health?

Published November 13, 2000 8:16PM (EST)

Dear Salon reader --

We're reorganizing some of our sites to simplify Salon's design and navigation and concentrate our focus on key areas of coverage.

Beginning today, Salon's separate Technology and Business sites will unite in one Technology & Business site. It's ever harder these days to draw a clean line between business and technology coverage. So from now on, rather than arbitrarily separating these two subjects, we're going to present them in the same place on our site. You'll continue to find many of the same features in both subject areas from our award-winning team of writers and editors. This week will also see the debut of a new feature on the site, The In Box -- a continually updated page of timely tidbits and amusing items from around the Web.

Elliott Hester's column of wry observations from the world of commercial aviation, Out of the Blue, will from now on appear in Salon People every other week.

Also beginning today, Salon will move its coverage of health news and issues from its former home in our Health site. Health-related news articles and general features will continue to appear in Salon News, while some coverage of women's health will now appear in our Mothers Who Think site.

We hope you find these changes help make Salon easier to use. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments.

David Talbot
Editor in chief

By Salon Staff

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