Ahnuld's too rough in bed!

After a day of smooching, Schwarzenegger's costar has a nasty case of whisker burn; are Winona and Beck in Splitsville? Guess who bought Madonna's house? Plus: Jim Carrey on the agony of Grinchness.

Published November 14, 2000 5:20PM (EST)

Spending a day in bed with Arnold Schwarzenegger is no day at the beach. It hurts. But that has nothing to do with matters of size. It's a hair thing.

Wendy Crewson, who plays Arnold's wife in the new flick "The 6th Day," recently told a group of journalists what her first day on the set was like.

It was "'Hi, Arnold, nice to meet you, Wendy Crewson.' 'OK, come on, get on top!'" she recalls. "We shot the whole first day kissing, kissing, kissing in bed. And we were supposed to turn around then and shoot my closeups, and we couldn't. I had such razor burn on my face. It was just raw, because we were making out all day long."

By the end of the day, she says, "they were lathering Polysporin on my face to ease the rash."

So ... did that terminate it?

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Trump, the sequel?

"I'm majoring in finance with a focus on real estate. It's in the blood."

-- Ivanka Trump, 19-year-old daughter of Ivana and the Donald, on what she's studying as a freshman at Georgetown University, in the December Mademoiselle.

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Carreying on about the meaning of it all

You'd never know it from some of the roles he chooses, but Jim Carrey thinks too much. Or so he says.

And lately he has been thinking a lot about what it all means. "I'm on a constant search and constantly in conflict on what I do. Because what I do does not necessarily constitute a higher plane of thought or spirit," the man whose calling card was once speaking out of his booty tells TV Guide. "And then there's obsession, which is my biggest problem in life -- compulsive thinking."

Carrey says he learned "a huge lesson to stop compulsive thought" from a Navy SEAL who helped him deal with the "hellish" costume he had to wear in the flick "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The fellow taught him to pinch his leg when he started "getting a panic attack" or feeling like he was "being buried alive" and "couldn't breathe."

But surviving a role in which the greatest challenge was hanging onto reality while wearing contact lenses that felt "like knives in my eyes" is simply not enough for the actor.

"I want to do the kind of work that makes people laugh and at the same time just makes them say, 'I believe in the human spirit and believe in goodness,'" he says. "I want to be a spirit of light in the universe."

And you thought perpetually making fart jokes would be fulfillment enough ...

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One last time into the Land of Make-Believe

"Fish. I wonder if fish think."

-- My favorite Mister Rogers line ever, which I invoke in light of his announcement this week that he will stop taping "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" next year.

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Juicy bits

Off with their headsets! According to the U.K. Sun, Queen Elizabeth has forbidden royal servants to carry cellphones in Buckingham Palace. "It is fair to say the queen was not amused when the phones started ringing incessantly," particularly during the serving of royal meals, a palace source told the tabloid. Jaunty rings like the 'Hawaii Five-O' theme apparently drove her up the palace wall.

Dharma: Material Girl in the making? Jenna Elfman and her husband, actor Bodhi Elfman, have snapped up Madonna's former Hollywood Hills home for about $4 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. The 5,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style house, which sits on two acres, has three bedrooms plus a two-bedroom cottage. Very modest, I'm sure.

Commercial appeal: The programming geniuses at Paramount are set to bring you a new sitcom starring Budweiser's "Whassup" guys. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Whassupers Scott Brooks, Fred Thomas Jr. and Paul Williams will star as three "hip" fellows who, presumably, like to scream into the phone a lot. The show will be scripted by "Mad TV" writers Devon Shepard and Xavier Cook. Well, at least they didn't give those beer-loving frogs their own show.

Beck: Free at last? Us Weekly reports that Winona Ryder and Beck, far from being ready to tie the knot, have gone their separate skinny ways after six months together. Sources say Ryder decided that they were "better friends than lovers." Hey, has Winona been getting P.R. advice from Elizabeth Hurley or what?

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