Can I get a receipt with that?

Asking for reimbursement for the cost of prostitutes lands a Swedish civil servant in community service.

By Jack Boulware

Published December 6, 2000 8:23PM (EST)

An accounting imbalance recently led authorities in the Swedish city of Malmo to the shenanigans of a 54-year-old male employee and his travel agent.

While traveling abroad, supposedly furthering the good name of Malmo, the two men spent many nights guzzling bottles of champagne, having sex with prostitutes and generally laughing it up -- all at the expense of the good citizens of Malmo.

According to Sweden's TT news agency, the worker and the travel agent had been entrusted to visit various countries for the purpose of planning conferences for the leisure department of Malmo. But while coasting through their perfectly legitimate itinerary, the two fun-loving Swedes collected a paper trail of receipts for leisure activities of a very different nature. The booze/hooker tally ended up costing the city an additional 280,000 kronor ($28,200). Angry city officials took the matter to court, where both men were found guilty and sentenced to different lengths of community service.

Then the civil servant had the audacity to appeal the court's decision. News reports didn't disclose the nature of his argument, but one can assume the man possesses balls of steel. The appeals court threw out his appeal, and ruled he must perform 180 hours of community service. The travel agent did not appeal his sentence of 240 hours.

Tempers have cooled in the hallways of power, and the two whore-chasers are spending the winter shoveling snow from the sidewalks of Malmo.

Jack Boulware

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