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Angelina Jolie reveals the steamy secret to her fab figure; Schwarzenegger tells German doc what's up. Plus: Melanie Griffith still riding 1988 success.

Published January 29, 2001 5:07PM (EST)

The Angelina Jolie diet?

Lots and lots of sex with Billy Bob Thornton.

Clearly, not for everyone, but the lippy actress says she slimmed down to play Lara Croft in the upcoming action flick "Tomb Raider" by humping her hubby.

Before tackling the role, Jolie says, she had some mighty bad habits. "I smoked a lot, drank far too much, suffered from insomnia and, like every other normal person I know, I was imbalanced," she tells Britain's NOW magazine. "I had to undergo a complete readjustment."

So she started a rigorous regime. "From the moment I got up in the morning, I had to drink a certain amount of water and I had to take vitamins," she says.

Jolie also worked out with weights, but admits she dedicated herself to pumping more than just iron.

"Having sex with my husband keeps me in much more shape," she says.

Why didn't Suzanne Somers think of that?

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Another fun-lovin' couple shares its secrets

You might wonder what Golden Globe winner Kate Hudson and her new spouse, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, who is 13 years older than she, have in common.

A love of ... skulls?

"We do like things that people find hard to understand," Hudson tells the U.K. Mirror. "For instance, we like skulls."

But -- whoa-ho-ho there! -- the "Almost Famous" star doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. It's "not because they're about death or because it's satanic or anything," she says. "They just represent transition, life and protection -- things that we're into, but which other people might think a bit weird."

Now why would we think that?

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Not even true lies

"I hope that my prosecution of this case sends a strong message to opportunists around the world that I will not sit back passively when people tell lies about me."

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Berlin High Court's decision to uphold his legal victory over a German doctor who, although he'd never examined the muscleman, said he was likely to die from a heart condition caused by steroid use.

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Juicy bits

Meg Ryan's publicist would like to make something perfectly clear: Ryan wasn't dumped by Russell Crowe. She dumped him. "Meg decided to end the relationship before the holidays," said the actress' spokesman. Meanwhile, Ryan's previous dumpee, Dennis Quaid, is said to be dating talent-free actress Andie MacDowell.

And while we're clearing up rumors, all that talk about Courteney Cox throwing her husband, David Arquette, out of the house was wrong, wrong, wrong, says a spokesman for Cox: "They're still living together. Everything is fine." Got that?

The act of a desperate woman? Fresh out of rehab and more than half full of optimism, Melanie Griffith is reportedly working on a script for "Working Girl 2," a sequel to the film that scored her an Oscar nomination back in 1988. According to U.K. film site Popcorn, the actress is pushing her husband, Antonio Banderas, as a possible costar.

The American Society of Cinematographers has announced its intention to honor Sally Field for advancing the art of filmmaking at its annual awards ceremony on Feb. 18. "Sally Field has earned our admiration," the guild's president, Victor Kemper, told the press. "She is creating a diverse and incomparable body of work, including many unforgettable films with memorable characters who will endure." In other words, they like her. They really like her.

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