And they don't curse, either

The boy bands stay fall-down sober at Daisy Fuentes' bash; Dennis Hopper says he saw O.J. go nuts the day of the murders. Plus: Puff Daddy's desperate, and Spielberg gets knighted.

Published January 30, 2001 5:49PM (EST)

I guess 'N Sync really meant that stuff in the Bud-backed anti-teen-drinking spot they filmed for the Super Bowl. (Ding-dong, 'N Sync calling!) And heck, fellow boy band 98 Degrees might have lent their name to a "just say no" message, too.

Although both boy bands showed up at a Daisy Fuentes-hosted Super Bowl party sponsored by Maxim magazine Friday night, I'm told they resisted the debauchery enjoyed by Rob Schneider, Jerry O'Connell and Carson Daly. (Yes, Daly's fiancée, Tara Reid, was there, but that didnt stop the MTV "Total Request Live" host from enjoying the company of several Maxim models.)

While O'Connell and Schneider "downed drinks and danced with the girls of Maxim, the kids of 'N Sync and 98 degrees stuck to playing games at the Sony PlayStation kiosk," a witness reports, sniffing that, clearly, the band members "aren't ready to party with the big boys."

Or, for that matter, the extremely buxom babes.

The Backstreet Boys, meanwhile, did not attend the party at all, perhaps because of a little Super Bowl boy-band rivalry.

On the way to the festivities, 'N Sync's Lance Bass was asked what he thought of the Backstreet Boys performing at the Super Bowl. Bass responded with a smirk, "There's another band performing besides us?"


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No anti-drinking ads for them

"We wanted to go in, sing the anthem, then kick back with a beer and watch the game. Who needs the stress of waiting to sing? You'd miss half the game."

-- Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson on why his band turned down an offer to perform at halftime with 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Aerosmith and co.

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Uneasy rider

Seven years after O.J. Simpson stood accused of the murders of his ex-wife and her buddy, Dennis Hopper has seen fit to share this special Simpson anecdote with the world.

"O.J. played golf at my club on the day of the murders," Hopper tells the U.K. Telegraph. "And on the 8th hole, this lawyer, Scott Blumberg, was talking, and O.J. hit a bad drive. And he turned round and said, 'You motherf-, you talk while I hit and I'm gonna slit your f- throat.' And Blumberg said, 'I don't need this, I'm leaving. I've got other friends I can play with.' And O.J. said, 'No, man, I'm sorry, man, but you know I've been up all night on cocaine, man, and I just ...' And that was the day of the murder."

Par for the course?

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Juicy bits

Is Puff Daddy flashing his romantic side again? According to the U.K. Sun, even as his case goes to trial, Puffy called Jennifer Lopez at a hotel in Los Angeles and told her to go out on the balcony. Just as she peeked out, 100 doves flew past followed by 100 pink balloons. The paper calls this a desperate effort on the Puff's part to woo back Lopez, who, despite rumors that she's involved with a dancer named Chris, insists she and Puffy are still an item. And you thought the rose petals were a bit much ...

Sir Spielberg? Well, almost. On Monday, Steven Spielberg received an honorary British knighthood for his contributions to relations between the U.S and the U.K. His spokesman said he was "enormously honored and humbled" to have been chosen for the award.

When Anthony Hopkins picks up his Man of the Year award from Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, don't expect him to make fast friends with Drew Barrymore, who will be honored as the group's Woman of the Year. "I never hang out with actors," Hopkins tells Details. Which, come to think of it, might not preclude him from hanging out with Barrymore ...

It's a boy and a girl. Al Pacino and actress Beverly D'Angelo are now the proud parents of twins. (Insert your father/"Godfather" joke here.)

Still a Survivor: Kelly "The Rat" Wiglesworth pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring to commit credit card fraud in a 1995 incident in which she and a buddy used a stolen credit card to, among other things, eat at an Olive Garden. By pleading guilty to the misdemeanor, Wiglesworth managed to avoid felony charges, but will be required to pay $455 in restitution and perform 75 hours of community service. Hope the spaghetti marinara was worth it.

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