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Prince Charles gets funky with his first DJ gig; Ricky Martin has a special new friend! Plus: Monica doesn't like sharing the Big Apple with the big guy, and the Village People lose a villager.

Published March 15, 2001 5:34PM (EST)

The Prince of Wales in the house?

Crowning himself with a set of honkin' headphones, Prince Charles got behind the DJ decks at a benefit for a South London homeless shelter over the weekend.

"Dig that crazy rhythm," he rapped, as his royal hands set to scratching over tunes like "I Don't Smoke the Reefer."

The prince's technique earned him props from fellow rappers attending the event.

"Some people come up and look totally baffled by the equipment, but he got right into it," 18-year-old rapper Allan told the Scottish Daily Record. "He started scratching before I had a chance to tell him about it."

And Darren Watson (aka DJ Speedo) concurred, saying it was all in the royal digits.

"If he got his own set of decks he could be quite good at it. He could do well scratching," said Watson. "His hands are massive. You have to have large hands for scratching, but you also need a light touch."

Heavy lies the head, but gentle the hand, that wears the crown, yo.

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If it doesn't rhyme, don't waste our time

"If it doesn't make sense, you must find for the defense."

-- Sean "Puffy" Combs' lawyers, Benjamin Brafman and Johnnie Cochran, getting poetic after all before the jury began deliberations.

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He's still clean-shaven, but Ricky Martin may have a new love interest ... and it's a girl!

Newspapers in the bonbon shaker's hometown, San Juan, Puerto Rico, ran photos of Martin holding hands (!) with Latvian model Ines Misan in London on Monday after the singer was spotted with Misan at a music festival in Italy.

Misan may move when she moves, but whether or not she bangs is anyone's guess.

"She's his friend at the moment," a spokeswoman for Martin's manager told the Associated Press. "I can't confirm that she's his girlfriend, but they've been seeing each other."

In other words, it might not be what it locas like.

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A Willa to live

"Backstreet [mania] freaked me out. I saw signs like 'Die [Willa].' It was scary."

-- 20-year-old singer Willa Ford, ex-girlfriend of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, on the bummer aspects of being a boy-band boy's girl, in Teen People.

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Juicy bits

Bill Clinton will be so relieved. Monica Lewinsky is in an OK place with his decision to move to New York with his wife, the senator. "I'm not happy about them moving here," she tells New York magazine, "but I think the city's big enough for the two of us." But Linda Tripp had better not start looking for an apartment in TriBeCa ...

Sad news for anyone who's ever formed a Y, an M, a C or an A with his or her arms. Glenn Hughes, the mustachioed biker from the Village People, died earlier this month after a long illness. Hughes, 50, joined the band in 1977 and stayed on until 1995. According to the Advocate, Hughes will be buried, as he requested, in the leather outfit he performed in for almost two decades.

Tony Soprano not good enough for the goodfella? Ray Liotta says he turned down a part he was offered on the "The Sopranos" in order to concentrate on film. "It was for a two-year commitment and I didn't really want to give up that time now," Liotta said on the "Today" show. "I would love to do a guest spot on there, do a couple of episodes." So much for an offer he couldn't refuse.

Eminem, an old hand at acting out, may try his hand at acting. Brian Grazer, the producer behind "The Nutty Professor" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," told Access Hollywood that he'd cast Eminem in a film inspired by the rapper's own life. "It's a 'Purple Rain' kind of movie," Grazer said. "It's a hip movie, loosely based on Eminem's life, growing up in Detroit, an edgy story of his life." Probably not a good first-date movie.

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