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A free Puffy stumbles across J.Lo and her beau at a post-Oscar party; Kate Beckinsale admits to peeing in director's thermos. Plus: Costner courts Prince Andrew, and Eminem gets dissed by Woolworth's.

Published March 28, 2001 5:05PM (EST)

Has the world gotten its first glimpse of the new, mellow Puffy?

Partygoers at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash the other night apparently got a little more drama than they expected when Puff Daddy showed up. The problem? His ex, Jennifer Lopez, was already there ... with her new beau, dancer Cris Judd. (Puffy meet Cris; Cris ... Puffy.)

"When Puff arrived in the building the whole place went silent," one witness told the U.K. Sun. "I think everyone thought he was going to go up and punch Cris. I think even Cris thought that."

But no punches were thrown. No shots were fired.

"Puff went up with this menacing look on his face and prowled around Jen and Cris for a while and then just smiled and said hello," said the chatty partygoer. "The whole place instantly relaxed, thank goodness. Maybe Puff's not as tough as people think."

Still, the rapper didn't stick around to watch his love rival revel in the spoils for too long. He made his way to Maxim's post-post-Oscar party, where he was greeted by a gaggle of admirers. His restraint surprised partygoers here, too.

"When a gorgeous girl approached the Puff Daddy to tell him how much she loved him, Puffy merely took her hand, kissed it and left the woman standing alone in amazement," a witness tells me. "What a guy."

Let the canonization begin.

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Totally tubular

"I ordered 10,000 tubes last week. I usually order a few hundred. My distributor called and said, 'Hey, doc, are you sure there isn't a comma in the wrong place?'"

-- Julia Roberts' hometown dentist, Dr. Ted Aspes, who's making good on his 26-year-old promise that he would give every kid in town a tube of toothpaste if she (or any of his other young patients) won an Oscar.

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The naked and the pissed

A lot of actresses complain about nude scenes. But Kate Beckinsale does more than complain. She puts her money where her mouth is.

Well, not exactly her money.

And not exactly her mouth.

Beckinsale, whom you may recall from "The Last Days of Disco," tells Details that when a director of a "small movie" forced her to do something she "didn't want to do," she got even by ... peeing in his coffee.

"It made me feel violated and horrible. You know, it involved nudity and all that stuff, which was dirtily handled," the star of the upcoming big movie "Pearl Harbor" told the men's mag. "I was really disturbed and I was kind of in tears and sobbing and begging."

Then, she says, she "peed in his thermos flask," adding "of course, I was relatively hot-headed then."

And it's not just her own nude scenes that piss her off. "I find as an audience member -- I think, you know, 'Oh, doesn't he have enormous testicles?' I'm not listening to the part anymore."

Drives her nuts.

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Cyber Spice

"It's safe sex, isn't it? They ask who you look like and I say 'I'm quite little with blonde hair and big boobs -- a bit like Geri Halliwell.'"

-- The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice, admitting to having "loads of" chat-room romances in the British gay mag "Attitude."

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Juicy bits

It might be the doll made in Eminem's image that certain stores are refusing to carry. (A spokesperson for Woolworth's said the toy -- which comes complete with chainsaw, tattoos and the words "cut here" printed on the neck -- just didn't seem right to have "around a Barbie doll.") But it's the Lara Croft doll that's wigging Angelina Jolie out. It "freaked me out," Jolie, who plays Croft in the upcoming "Tomb Raider" flick, told the U.K.'s Sunday Mail. "Seeing it is strange. The doll is the closest I have ever seen to me -- and that's scary. Seeing yourself in plastic is very bizarre. I can just imagine someone taking the head off, or sticking it upside down in the mud -- doing the things that I would do with a doll." Just imagine what she'd do with a Billy Bob Thornton doll.

Kevin Costner: Royal pain in the ass? Just days after Costner admitted he'd been courting Princess Diana for a starring role in a "Bodyguard" sequel, he's reportedly offered Prince Andrew a role in his next film. According to the U.K. Sunday People, Costner approached the prince at a party at Buckingham Palace. "Andrew was very flattered. Like all men, he is quite vain about his appearance. And to be told at the age of 40 by someone like Kevin Costner that you have Hollywood star quality was a massive boost to his ego," a "royal source" told the paper. "It's down to Andrew, but he seemed very keen. He'd be perfect as an all-action film hero; something like Robin Hood would suit him ideally." You know how those royals love stealing from the rich and giving to the poor ...

Michael Jackson is going to great lengths to prove that he really meant all that stuff about A-B-C being as easy as 1-2-3. He and his buddy Rabbi Shmuley Boteach have launched a childhood literacy campaign called the Michael Jackson International Book Club. They kicked off the initiative at a Newark, N.J., movie theater this past weekend, giving away dozens of books to the kiddies. Hope it wasn't Boteach's bestseller, "Kosher Sex."

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