Bush's pubic enemy No. 1

By Fiona Morgan

Published March 30, 2001 9:00AM (EST)

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I am wondering how you can print this article when you covered my original protest back in January -- "We have the power! Get in the shower! No More Bush!"

It seems rather irresponsible of you to give this woman any publicity for an idea that I started on December 27th. I also have a piece in Ms. this month about my protest and in Playboy, which might be where this woman "got her idea."

I find it hard to believe that you would give any legitimacy to her protest when it has obviously come from somewhere else.

-- Emily Hofstetter
co-founding editor, siliconsalley.com

I enjoyed your article. Like Sumell, I am enraged at what this administration is doing to women's rights. Unlike her, I am old enough to remember what it was like before Roe vs. Wade and do not want that America for my 20-year-old daughter.

-- Diana Calame

Very cool!!!

I'd say Bush could use as many good public kicks in the shorts as the art community at large can muster. Also, many thanks to Jackie Sumell for raising attention to the issue. Bush has been flying a bit below the radar on some of this stuff.

-- Eathan Mertz
Eugene, Ore.

I loved this article. I have so many friends that call me every day as each new morn brings another horror Bush is doing to human rights, etc. We commiserate, but now we can do something active. I'm sure the artist will go over her quota. What a great gal.

-- Edith Westeron

Women shaving their pubic hair as a protest of the policies of the new administration just illustrates the depths that the women's movement has sunk to in recent years. The women don't even realize that they are callously being used by liberal politicians to promote pet projects ranging from gun control to the anti-smoking campaign. They've become a laughingstock. Shave your bushes, please! Us guys prefer 'em that way. You've come a long way baby!

-- David Wrobleski

Where was this feminist and all the other NOW supporters when Clinton was in office? This was a man that set back women's rights 100 years and with the silence coming out of the NOW group, they simply de-legitimized themselves.

NOW and the feminists are two-faced and what they say does not represent women. NOW should just fade away and all go live with their hero, Bill Clinton. Ask Juanita, Paula, Kathleen, Monica and the hundreds of other women Bill used for sexual gratification what they think of NOW. NOW and the feminist movement supported a rapist in office and said nothing. They should follow that lead and keep on saying nothing because that is what they are, nothing.

-- C. Bastian

With the corporate owned media ignoring the anti-Bush sentiments of over half the country, it would take a stunt like "hanging our bushes out to dry" to get any attention at all to our causes.

Last week at the Oscars, hundreds of us protested; we chanted, waving our Hail to the Thief banners and singing songs. We were a force to be reckoned with. But did you see us on TV? Did you read about us in the Times? No.

So now what? We need to make noise, people! I say, where do I send my clippings?

-- Mary Garripoli
Los Angeles, CA

Oh yuck!

This is an interesting art stunt, street theatre of the bizarre, but will it -- can it -- be effective?

Or will its effect be in the realm of political blowback?

Unintended consequences should always be considered whenever outrageous actions are taken. I remember a political cartoon from the Nixon era, showing RMN in a limousine, counting 10,000 -- 20,000 -- 30,000 -- more votes for him, with each rock bouncing off the car.

Likewise, this gross-out political theatre may have a positive effect, or it may serve to marginalize our cause.

Progressives, consider the consequences of your actions -- and keep your eyes on the prize.

-- C. McGrath

My hat goes off to Sumell! I must admit that my first response was a resounding "gross!" but as I read further, I was brought into Sumell's fold.

I too am astounded at the lack of organization to combat the whittling away of womens' rights. My all-time favorite organization, Planned Parenthood, is essentially doing nothing to organize on a local level -- where I live. It is disappointing, to say the least.

-- Cynthia McEahern

Jackie Sumell's art projects have always been interesting -- but this one takes the cake.

Ask the "girls" at the Pat Nixon Birthday Club (yes, there actually is one). Why not ask women to send their aborted fetuses to George DumbellYou?

Believe me, someone like that creep Peggy Noonan will do it to counterattack the No Bush movement.

Take my word for it.

-- Mac MacArthur
Managing Editor
American Politics Journal

By Salon Staff

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