"Being Digital"

The founding director of the MIT Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte, explains how computer sytems can be designed to understand us better, not the reverse.

By Read by Penn Jillette

Published April 10, 2001 9:06PM (EDT)

Nicholas Negroponte, Wired magazine columnist and founding director of the MIT Media Lab, has long been writing about how advances in computer technology and telecommunications will transform workplaces, households and educational institutions.

In "Being Digital," he explains how this revolution will change the way we live, think and interact with one another and with technology, and foresees the challenges that lie ahead in developing truly global systems for delivering multimedia and other forms of digitally based information.

The digital age is coming, Negroponte says, and it "cannot be denied or stopped ... We're discussing a fundamental cultural change: Computing is not about computers, it's about life; being digital is not just being a geek or Internet surfer or mathematically savvy child, it's actually a way of living and is going to impact absolutely everything."

Listen to an excerpt from "Being Digital" read by Penn Jillette.

Read by Penn Jillette

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