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Hotheaded, potty-talking Naomi Campbell can't get a break! Plus: Tom and Drew will wed; Schwarzenegger waffles; and Sly Stallone won't put on a thong.

By Amy Reiter

Published April 12, 2001 11:02PM (EDT)

You think you're having a bad week? Naomi Campbell's is worse.

First the supermodel and alleged anger-management-seminar veteran gets nabbed by the British tabs for obscenely berating the owner of Voyage, a fancy London boutique favored by Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow but from which Campbell was reportedly banned for mistreating the staff.

"She wanted to start a fight with my father," the owner's son, who says Campbell accosted his pops on the street, told the U.K. Mirror. "He's a big guy but walked off and ignored her."

Then she was turned away from a London cafe when she asked to use the bathroom.

"One customer suggested she use the public toilet at the top of the road, which I don't think she found at all amusing," the cafe's manager told the press. (Let him among us who has never had to pee cast the first stone ...)

And the topper? Her toes.

Campbell tells the Brit mag Heat that she's recovering after smashing her golf cart into a tree recently in the Bahamas.

"I am still in pain from the accident," she says. "It was a terrifying moment. I crashed into a tree and now my knee is very sore and I have two broken toes."

Bet the toe truck driver got an earful.

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He'd rather shake his bonbon than rock the casbah

"You live by the punk sword, and you'll die by the punk sword. I wish I'd been more like Ricky Martin, grooving on the Latin thing. He probably has a better life than punk rockers do, walking around tied up in metaphysical knots."

-- Former Clash frontman Joe Strummer getting wistful about la vida loca not taken, in Spin magazine.

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Juicy bits

In case any of you were thinking that Elton John will mend his spendy ways now that his negligence claim against his former manager has been tossed out of British court like yesterday's sparkly platform shoes, think again. "I don't think he will cut back on his flowers," his lawyer, Frank Presland, told the BBC. Elton, you may recall, admitted in court to spending more than $400,000 on flowers over a 20-month period. Nice to know that "Say it with flowers" campaign worked on someone ...

In case any of you still care whether or not Drew Barrymore and Tom Green really are married or not, it's looking as likely as ever that "not" is the answer. The Ottawa Sun reports that high school buddies of the Canadian-born groom-to-be have been invited to the couple's nuptials in Los Angeles on July 7. Green's people deny the couple's impending wedding, insisting that Drew and Tom got hitched "out of the country," and Green himself says that he and Drew have also adopted a child. Geez, do the jokes in his movies drag on this long, too?

In case you were wondering what Cindy Crawford's next project might be, it looks like the supermodel might start her own line of kid-proof duds. "The thing that's the most challenging is to find clothes that are cute and trendy that you can wash and dry," Crawford, mother of a 21-month-old son, Presley, tells the Associated Press. "I'm seriously considering it as a business. When I want to give my kid a hug when he's eating chocolate pudding, I don't want to worry about it." Pudding-resistant clothing? Maybe Bill Cosby can get in on this.

In case you were wondering if Rambo will ever rage again, Sylvester Stallone says the chances of him reviving the role are slim to none. "I am not doing another Rambo," Stallone told Cinescape. "I don't know if I'd look good in a thong anymore. In my fantasies, I'd love to do one more, but I don't think it would be in good taste at this age." Is it me, or is this the sanest thing he's said in years?

In case you were wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger was really planning to run for California governor in 2002, the muscleman is continuing to send mixed messages. Posing with New York City mayor and decency crusader Rudy Giuliani in a politically tinged, car-related photo op on Tuesday, Schwarzenegger whispered that he had "no plans yet" to run. Looks like Arnie's taking lessons from Tom Green on milking a media moment for all it's worth ...

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