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Benjamin Bratt blabs about undies and the odor of Julia's largest organ; Billy Crystal gets cranky about magic numbers. Plus: Ivana Trump spanked and Miss France presumed to be a woman!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 26, 2001 4:42PM (EDT)

Remember how, on the red carpet before the Oscars, Benjamin Bratt was marveling at the things that came out of Julia Roberts' mouth?

Well, turns out he doesn't have much of a filter himself.

But he does have a mighty sensitive nose, and he's trained it 100 percent on his lady love's largest organ.

"The natural soft smell of skin turns me on most," Bratt blabs in InStyle magazine. "And especially the smell of Julia's skin, which is so seductive."

But while Benji's nostrils may be on Julia's epidermis (is that the sweet smell of success he detects?), his eyes are on her undies.

"The form of the female body is the most beautiful thing in the world," he says, "and underwear can make it even more beautiful."

So I'm guessing Julia's unmentionables are nothing to sniff at.

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More on noses (or is that "Moron noses"?)

"I'm wondering if there's a family of four living in my nose, it sometimes seems so big!"

-- Sylvester Stallone on his own impressive schnozz.

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Forget the Crsytal ball ...

Next time you see Billy Crystal, whatever you do, don't ask him if he believes in magic numbers. New York gossipist Baird Jones learned that lesson the hard way this week at the opening party for "61*," Crystal's upcoming HBO film about Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle's race to break Babe Ruth's single-season home-run record.

"Perhaps it is weird that two great baseball records that everyone said were unbreakable both had 61 as the number: Roger Maris' home runs and Joe DiMaggio's consecutive-game hitting streak not in the majors but in the minors for the San Francisco Seals," Crystal told Jones. "But that is just a numerical coincidence; I don't believe in magic numbers in baseball or in anything else."

What's more, Crystal said, "I don't like answering fan questions about magic numbers. Talking about my movies is part of my job, but it is really work and it is hard to be polite when asked certain questions, like do I believe in magic numbers."

What about magic mushrooms?

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Juicy bits

Ivana ... trumped? Donald Trump's ex-wife has found no sympathy in U.S. District Court for the $6 million federal lawsuit she filed against an Italian "Candid Camera"-style show called "Scherzi A Parte," the New York Post reports. Ivana was looking for restitution (and then some) for the $25,000 earring she says she lost and the $3,000 suit she says was ruined when the producers of the show dumped a bucket of water on her during an appearance back in 1999. Ivana has also filed suit in Italy, but the show's lawyer says if she thinks she'll win there, she's all wet, since the whole point of the show is that celebrities go on and are surprised. "It would be like going on 'Survivor' and saying you didn't know you'd be with a group of people, and they'd be voting off one person at a time." Hey now, don't go giving Stacey Stillman any new ideas ...

She is woman, hear her participate in the talent competition? Miss Universe spokeswoman Mary Hilliard McMillan has told the New York Daily News that the pageant will not say an early "au revoir" to Miss France based on speculation that she may be a man. "Based on appearances, we are moving forward as if she were a woman," McMillan told the paper, after Miss France had been fitted for her swimsuit. "We asked her about rumors that she was possibly a man. She denied it. We haven't done any medical testing. But we have her birth certificate. All evidence says she's a woman." And probably, at this point, a very angry one.

I don't know if the real Erin Brockovich smells as "seductive" as Julia Roberts, but I do know she's got her nose in a new project. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brockovich is making good on her promise to bring the world a kinder, gentler reality TV show. She'll host "Challenge America," in which contestants will compete to do heartwarming, charitable tasks for the good of society at large. I guess Anne Robinson was busy.

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