Exclusive: The 50 Most Beautiful People Alive in the World!

From People magazine! The list with everyone on it: Julia and Mel and Prince William and ...

Published May 7, 2001 7:19PM (EDT)

We are happy to present the 2001 edition of People Weekly's 50 Most Beautiful People Alive in the World 2001.

Those who say "People" people are exclusively white will find some surprises in the list below, so there!

Same to those who say that People's world is the U.S. alone. Many beautiful people live in Great Britain or have a home in Paris!

And please note that "alive" means those were alive as of Aug. 31, 1998.

1. Prince William.

2. Prince William's reflection.

3. Julia Roberts.

4. Prince William with a photo of Julia Roberts.

5. Mel Gibson.

6. Princess Diana.

7. Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson together.

8. Mel Gibson standing next to Prince William.

9. Prince William's son, whenever he is born.

10. John John.

11. The offspring of Princess Diana and John John should they fall in love in heaven and send their child to Earth as an angel.

12. Prince Charles' ex-wife. She died so young.

13. Mel Gibson sweaty in a kilt with his face painted blue -- a perfect example of someone of color! Note that this contributes as well to the International flavorings of this list. Mel is an Aussie, remember -- and bravehearted William Wallace was Irish or Welsh or something.

14. Prince William in a Speedo. Be still our hearts.

15. JFK Jr.

16. George Clooney. He's 40!

17. The woman who costarred with Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman" and proved that prostitution pays!

18. Katie Couric. She's so spunky and brave. She's interviewed both Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson.

19. Brad Pitt, starring opposite Julia Roberts in "The Mexican."

20. Cindy Crawford. She has brown hair like Julia Roberts'.

21. Erin Brockovich, who must be stunning if Julia Roberts played her.

22. Prince William.

23. Mel Gibson in his "Road Warrior" days.

24. A collage of photos featuring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Prince William.

25. George Clooney, when he was 30!

26. Michelle Kwan. Another deserving nonwhite! Plus, her name is easier to pronounce than "Yamaguchi."

27. (tie) Mike Piazza and Derek Jeter. Jeter, though half black, is also half white, so he gets half a spot!

28. Julia Roberts, who really shouldn't be this low. She is so lovely.

29. Anna Kournikova. She's never won a single tennis tournament but is way prettier than Britney Spears.

30. Britney Spears.

31. Prince William.

32. George Clooney in "Ocean's 11," which stars Julia Roberts.

33. Mel Gibson in his "Lethal Weapon" days. That flowing mane. What a man!

34. Sophia Loren. She's still got it!

35. Caroline Kennedy's younger brother. His death was so tragic.

36. Oprah. We love her. Julia Roberts loves her. Our readers do too. They don't even think of her as black.

37. Jennifer Lopez, as long as she stays blond and doesn't date that horrible Puffy character.

38. The offspring of the affair Princess Diana had with Mel Gibson back in '78 when she was dancing on tables and he was full of piss and vinegar.

39. Lance, Karl, Tommy, Bobby C., Chaz, Skyler, Nick, Scottie, Damion and the rest of the Backstreet Boys.

40. Janet Jackson. She transcends race.

41. John F. Kennedy Jr.

42. Prince William.

43. The thought of Prince William.

44. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Who is Now Once Again Known as Prince.

45. Prince William's future daughter, who would be higher except most of our readers prefer hunky men to babe-alicious women, unless they are Princess Diana or Julia Roberts.

46. Heath Ledger, who splendidly reflected Mel Gibson's beauty in "The Patriot."

47. Julia Roberts.

48. Richard Gere and Harrison Ford. They are both half good looking. But combined? What a treat!

49. Robin Williams. Oh, wait, we mean Prince William.

50. The movie "Conspiracy Theory." Although it's not a person, it did star both Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson.

By Bill Matthews

Bill Matthews is a New York writer.

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