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Kobe Bryant and others line up for "Celebrity Survivor"; Baby Spice wants her breasts free. Plus: Repubs beg Ah-nold to run, and neighbors beg Hef to quiet down!

By Amy Reiter

Published May 7, 2001 4:35PM (EDT)

Will "Celebrity Survivor" be the biggest televised celeb-against-celeb scuffle since that gigglin', jigglin' '70s classic, "Battle of the Network Stars"?

Yes, you heard me right: "Celebrity Survivor." CBS honcho Les Moonves has told "Access Hollywood" that the network is considering putting together a special celebrity edition of the show that has heretofore made instant celebrities out of regular folks who just happen to look like they could be on "Baywatch."

You may recall that Kate Hudson and her husband, Chris Robinson, stood in line for an hour at an open audition for "Survivor 3" a few weeks back. The "Almost Famous" actress and her Black Crowe husband claim they are "obsessed" with the show, but the producers reportedly talked them out of auditioning. Celebrity participants, the suits said, would complicate things too much logistically -- and legally.

Well, the network seems to have had a change of heart.

"We're thinking about a celebrity version," Moonves told "Access Hollywood" in an interview last week. And it's not just Hudson who's expressed an interest either. Moonves says Kobe Bryant and Ray Romano are desperate to get on the show, too.

I guess Romano wants to find out just how much everybody loves him.

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Resigned to destiny

"We're not even planning on recording those albums until, like, a year from now."

-- Destiny's Child front woman Beyonci Knowles, denying that the group will break up in order to launch their own solo careers.

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Booby Spice

Good lord! This is definitely the worst case of mammarius self-approbitis I've seen in some time. It's so bad, I'm even relaxing my current self-imposed injunction against Spice Girl gossip (what, you didn't notice? -- well, if only they'd stop saying such hilariously moronic things ...) in order to share.

Emma Bunton, the little blond one they call Baby Spice, apparently has a few thoughts on breasts -- hers and others' -- she'd like to make you all aware of.

"I wish men had boobs because I like the feel of them," Bunton burbles in an interview with the U.K.'s Sky Magazine. "It's so funny -- when I record I sing with a hand over each of them, maybe it's a comfort thing."

And speaking of comfort, Bunton would also like you to know that she does not like to wear bras. "I find them really uncomfortable," she says. "I'm one of those people that likes to be free."

Are we all clear on that?

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Well, now that the rule's been broken

"I'm a gay man almost trapped in a girl's body."

-- Geri Halliwell, the singer formerly known as Ginger Spice, on her sexuality. (Almost trapped?)

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Juicy bits

Geez, some people just can't take no for an answer. A passel of Republican governors arranged a meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger last week in an attempt to get him to reconsider his flirtation with a run for California governor. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge told Reuters that he got the distinct sense that no amount of persuading was gonna make Ah-nold change his mind at this point. "I was going to arm-wrestle him over it," he quipped, "but I decided not to because I need both of mine." And you know how those Republicans like to be fully armed.

Hugh Hefner's in hot water with his neighbors -- and I don't mean the Jacuzzi. The pajama-clad playboy's neighbors have reported him to the Los Angeles authorities for throwing too many loud parties at the Playboy Mansion (22 in three months!). It's not that Hef hasn't taken prophylactic measures. He has -- installing sound barriers and hiring shuttle buses to minimize parking problems. But remember, every time the frisky fellow invites his seven girlfriends over for a cup of cocoa it's a huge party by most people's standards.

The costume department will have to make some adjustments, but James Woods is reportedly set to take over Marlon Brando's role in "Scary Movie 2." Now that Brando's too ill to do it, Woods will do a cameo turn as a priest who performs an exorcism in the film's opening scene, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Poor Brando, he coulda been a contendah.

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