Return of the washed-up Clintonites!

Coming soon to a university near you.

Published May 16, 2001 4:44PM (EDT)

Big buzz

In a release last week, the Young America's Foundation decried the lineups of this year's graduation day speakers at the nation's universities.

"For the eighth year in a row, our most prestigious schools excluded scholars like Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas for the likes of left-wing activists Morris Dees, Marian Wright Edelman, Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton," YAF president Ron Robinson said in the statement. "College administrators are using commencement ceremonies to send their students off with one more predictable leftist lecture."

Among the other people berated in the release are CNN's Jeff Greenfield, presidential debate anchor Jim Lehrer and "Jonie Loves Chachi" star Scott Baio.

Now really, given a choice of Friedman or Baio, whom would you choose? That's what we thought.

But it gets stranger. As the release goes on to blast "the leftist domination of the commencement addresses of 2001," the organization decries "the outrageous track record of [universities] hosting liberal speakers."

As a clear sign of the bias, the group cites Tulane University's recent speakers, including cancer researcher Andrew Martin and Muhammed Ali's former trainer, "fight doctor" Ferdie Pacheco.

Case closed.

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