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Angelina and Billy Bob want their own furry tree nibblers; the daughters of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier prepare for some punching of their own; and, oops, Britney's got her mom worried!

Published May 29, 2001 4:12PM (EDT)

Wanna see Angelina Jolie's beaver?

So would she. And Billy Bob Thornton's apparently chomping at the bit to call it his own, too.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, the kooky couple is hoping to adopt a pet beaver right soon. (Calling PETA ... )

"We want a beaver," Jolie reportedly told the tabloid. "People are going to turn it into something else, but it's not another woman. We saw a special on beavers. Now we just want one of those creatures. We want beavers."

The whole thing sounds dam suspicious to me ...

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Pottying all night long

"But going home, especially on this kind of a movie, and having to immediately take off your shoes and applaud that someone went on the potty, I think that's all good stuff."

-- "Pearl Harbor" star Kate Beckinsale on how toilet-training her 2-year-old daughter helps her keep it real, on Mr. Showbiz.

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The mountain won't come to Muhammad

The final bell has apparently not rung on the age-old battle between "Thrilla in Manila" foes Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. And their daughters, professional boxers Laila Ali and Jacquelyn Frazier-Lyde, who will meet in the ring June 8, aren't pulling any punches either.

Frazier has apparently decided not to accept Ali's recent apology (in a New York Times interview) for talking trash and labeling him an "Uncle Tom" back in the '70s.

"He didn't apologize to me -- he apologized to the paper," Frazier tells TV Guide. "I'm still waiting for him to say it to me. He's hiding -- is he still afraid?"

Ali's response? "I'll kick his ass," he says, apparently undaunted by his own ongoing struggle with Parkinson's disease. "I was trying to be nice to him ... If you see Joe Frazier, you tell him, 'He is still a gorilla.'"

And Ali seems to have passed on his old ability to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee and insult like Don Rickles to his daughter, who has seen fit to label Frazier-Lyde "ignorant" and "ugly."

"It's not like this fool even belongs in the same ring with me," Laila tells the magazine.

Frazier-Lyde, for her part, has mastered her own pugilist papa's prattle. "She hasn't been smashed like I am going to smash her," she says. "I'm going to knock her out and then show her some sisterly love."

Gentlemen, ladies ... into your corners, please.

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Short ... and less stinky?

"Mine is intentionally funny. His is unintentionally funny. And mine is half as long."

-- Rob Schneider on why his movie "The Animal" is way better than Ben Affleck's "Pearl Harbor," in the New York Daily News.

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Sinead Spears?

Britney Spears may be worried about keeping her legs crossed, but her mom has bigger, blonder concerns.

"I'm worried Britney will be bald by the time she is 20," Lynne Spears tells Us Weekly. "I'm so tired of her putting all those rinses in her hair."

And if that isn't the mother of all fears ...

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