Granny to Aguilera: Get dressed!

Undies-clad Christina gets dissed by her own kin! Plus: Cher gets dolled up, Meadow gets memoir-ish and Angelina gets catty.

Published June 7, 2001 4:32PM (EDT)

Attention, Christina Aguilera: Your grandmother is worried about you. She thinks you look like a ho parading around in your undies in that "Lady Marmalade" video.

"I nearly died when I saw she was wearing so little," Christina's 80-year-old granny, Delcie Fidler, told Britain's Heat magazine. "I rang her mom and said, 'Oh my god, what is Christina doing?'"

Um ... making lots and lots of money, grandma?

"What gets me is that Christina thinks she is doing something clever, but anyone can strip," Fidler fumes. "I feel sad for her really -- she is so young. I totally understand why people criticize her."

Why grandmother, what a big mouth you have ...

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He's rubber, you're glue ...

"I look like rubber, like I'm spray-painted. But you can always see me, and I can do everything. I'm not Max Headroom."

-- Jude Law on the elaborate mechanical-guy makeup he wears in "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence," in Premiere.

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Juicy bits

She's had lots and lots of plastic surgery, and now Cher will be immortalized in plastic. Mattel has announced that it will release a Cher doll, clad in a lavender Bob Mackie halter dress and retailing for $39.95, in a few weeks. "Cher is such a force in pop culture and has such a broad range," Mattel senior product manager Jill Nordquist told the Associated Press. "In our research, Cher's name just kept coming up. And we have worked with Bob Mackie for years and he has worked with Cher for years, so it was just sold together. A real no-brainer." Not like that Barbie, who's all brain.

In a move that will surely please any golfer who was ever a 13-year-old boy, Bill Murray and his five brothers -- Brian, Andy, Joel, Ed and John -- are opening a themed restaurant called Murray Bros. Caddyshack at the World Golf Village in Jacksonville, Fla. The restaurant, which opens amid celebrity fanfare this Friday, "is intended to look like a traditional Country Club gone awry," according to press materials. The 8,000-square-foot dining space will seat 180. Gopher burgers, anyone? How 'bout a nice cold drink?

Tony would be proud. Young though she may be, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Meadow on "The Sopranos," is working on a memoir. According to the New York Daily News, Sigler's story will include her struggle to overcome an eating disorder and advice on how to cope with relationships and parents. She's planning to start shopping it to publishers next week. And with any luck, she'll soon have an offer she can't refuse.

Does Angelina Jolie feel bad about the way Billy Bob Thornton dropped his then-fiancée Laura Dern like a hot potato as soon as Jolie came on the scene? Not a bit. "As a woman, I can imagine how awful a situation like that must be," Jolie tells "But I don't think I can shoulder that responsibility. We all have to move on. We have a responsibility to ourselves to be happy ... I am happy. We can all be happy if we want." Just not always, apparently, with whomever you want.

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