It's Genetic

Kiss frontman goes gaga for big breasts; Madonna puts kibosh on free tickets; Julianne Moore denies cannibal sex scene. Plus: Kidman throws hat back in man race!

Published July 12, 2001 4:42PM (EDT)

Calista Flockhart and Lara Flynn Boyle may be crushed to learn that they're not Gene Simmons' type.

Nope. The long-tongued Kiss vocalist likes his women a little meatier, a preference he made patently clear Tuesday night at "14 on Sixth," which bills itself as New York's first ever plus-size fashion show. The show was being filmed for an upcoming documentary.

But Simmons, who arrived out of makeup and boasting a tan that would make George Hamilton turn deeper orange with envy, had his eye not so much on the fashions as on the big girls making their way down the catwalk.

"I love breasts. They make the world go 'round," Simmons exclaimed, apparently mammariously overcome midshow.

And -- call him a boob -- but Simmons suspects he's not alone on this. "Men appreciate a curvier woman, especially one with breasts," he opined. "Women need to understand this, and show us their breasts more often."

A plea as heartfelt as the song "Beth."

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Simmons may like 'em meaty but ...

"All the cool musicians are vegan."

-- Alicia Silverstone on how flesh-eschewing rock stars make her heart sing, in the Toronto Sun.

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Make the check out to Mrs. Ritchie

The Material Girl is living up to her name.

Madonna has instituted a no-free-tickets policy for her current tour -- and that includes her celebrity friends, too.

According to the U.K. Sun, Mick Jagger, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, George Michael and Elton John have all had to shell out $125 for tickets -- and pay a booking fee to boot.

"The policy on her tour is that there are no comped tickets, not even for celebrities," Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg told the New York Post. "If you want a ticket for one of her shows, you have to pay. Everyone is treated the same."

While one source close to Madonna admitted that such egalitarianism has resulted in "a few raised eyebrows," it bears noting that the celebs aren't getting such a bad deal. At least one pair of ticket is currently going for more than $3,000 on eBay.

Elton, is that you?

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Lecter love ... denied

"There are rumors that we shot a graphic love scene between Clarice and Hannibal that didn't make the movie, but will make the DVD. Let me repeat. We never shot that sex scene."

-- Julianne Moore dismissing pesky rumors of forbidden "Hannibal" love, in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Juicy bits

Fans of Jonathan Lethem's book "Motherless Brooklyn" may be interested to know that Edward Norton is hoping to bring it to the big screen. In fact, the actor is currently at work writing the script himself. "The central character has Tourette's Syndrome," Norton tells the Toronto Sun. "That plugs right into things I relate to because I've always felt mildly, verbally Tourettic myself. I love the idea of anything like that that's almost stream-of-consciousness, a character with his inhibitions almost clinically removed. That's a great challenge." That might explain (though not excuse) the Norton-penned stinker "Keeping the Faith." Here's wishing him better luck this time.

Speaking of better luck next time, Nicole Kidman is keeping her eyes peeled for her next Prince Charming. "I haven't given up hope that, somewhere out there, somebody is waiting for me and I can fall in love again," the ex-Mrs. Cruise tells the German magazine Journal fuer die Frau. "I am still very romantic. And I am sure that it is more beautiful to love properly and lose everything than never to know what love is." A woman after Tennyson's own heart, if not his succinctness ...

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