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Wahlberg admits simian lust; Rodman says Electra might bounce back. Plus: Nicolas Cage goes public with Lisa Marie; ex-Menudo star wants cash after bizarre accident; and poison snakes, vomit and Michael Douglas in NP Extra!

Published July 13, 2001 4:37PM (EDT)

Now that Mark Wahlberg has broken up with Jordana Brewster, his girlfriend of three years, and put himself back on the market, some of you may be wondering if maybe you're his type.

And if you're hairy -- very, very hairy -- with long arms and a broad chest and are prone to hanging out in trees, you're in luck. The actor formerly known as Marky Mark has a thing for apes.

Not surprisingly, Wahlberg discovered this predilection for primates while filming "Planet of the Apes" opposite Helena Bonham-Carter in full ape regalia.

At first, he tells Vanity Fair, he was a little concerned that the love scenes would come across as stiffer than his "Boogie Nights" prosthesis.

But, he says, "Once I saw Helena I had no problem portraying those feelings. She's obviously a very beautiful young lady, but in the makeup it was mind-blowing."

Just think, if this catches on, we'll all save a fortune on waxing.

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Waitin' for the rebound

"I'm happy for her. But we made an agreement long ago that we'll probably get back together at some point. Nothing's impossible."

-- Dennis Rodman on his ex-wife Carmen Electra, who is currently going out with rock musician Dave Navarro, in the New York Post.

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Her dogs are barkin'

Blame Blahnik? Chew out Jimmy Choo?

Reese Witherspoon's griping that the fancy high-heeled footwear she sports in the flick "Legally Blonde" has done a number on her tender tootsies.

"Seriously, I had a huge podiatrist's bill after making this movie," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "I'm only 25 and I'm at the podiatrist having things shaved off my feet and [getting them] cracked. It was challenging!"

So much for blonds having more fun.

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Juicy bits

Lisa Marie Presley's taste in men seems to be improving. Elvis' little girl, the ex-Mrs. Michael Jackson, is in the throes of a romance with Nicolas Cage. The duo made their public debut as a couple this week, arriving hand in hand at the dedication of Presley Place, in Memphis, Tenn., a temporary housing facility for homeless families. Just be glad they didn't call it Heartbreak Hotel.

Who will fill the hole in children's programming now that Bozo's several weeks gone? How about ... David Bowie. The enterprising musician is launching a children's music radio station on his Web site. The idea came to him, he tells, while he was making a mixtape for his baby daughter, Alex. "I was putting together tapes to play while Alex took a bath or had breakfast, and it occurred to me that it would be a nice thing to put together a station's worth of stuff for kids," he says. Ground control to Major Dad ...

What happens to ex-Menudo kids when the music stops? In the case of Ruben Gomez, who was kicked out of the kid group more than a decade ago after customs officers found him carrying pot in the crotch of his pants, they end up in court. Gomez is suing the Sharper Image, that doohicky-flogging mall staple, for $12 million after a freak accident he allegedly suffered back in 1998 during a massage chair demonstration at the chain's New York store. "Contrary to its name, defendant Sharper Image has caused blurred and double vision" for Gomez, the suit maintains. What happened? According to Gomez's suit, he was selected to test a "Shiatsu-type massager" because of his "good looks, winning personality and celebrity status." And while he was vibrating for the crowd, a bunch of boxes fell on his head, rendering him "unconscious for a time and kind of stunned." That was one helluva massage.

Extra bits

When Catherine Zeta-Jones heard hissing on the set of the film "Smoke and Mirrors" recently, it apparently had nothing to do with her performance. According to the U.K. Mirror, the actress came face to face with a poisonous snake. Her husband, Michael Douglas, reportedly came to her rescue. "Michael stayed calm, picked up a piece of wood and managed to drive the snake away before Catherine came to any harm," one witness told the tabloid. "He was very heroic because it was one of the most dangerous snakes on earth." Good thing no one lost a toe.

James Woods: Puke ho? The actor said his willingness to get drenched with fake upchuck for "Scary Movie 2" was all about the moolah. "I actually called my business manager and said, 'Just send over a copy of the paycheck,' just before I did the scene," Woods tells "I took one look at all of those zeros and said, 'OK, fire the cannon, let's go.'" You know, I'm feeling a little queasy myself ...

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