Broken wing

Aaron Sorkin tells all about the drug struggle; Lara Flynn Boyle soaks friends. Plus: Mariah's wounds called accidental, and Jolie wants a baby.

Published August 2, 2001 4:57PM (EDT)

Now that his whole drug struggle is waaaay out in the open, "West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin would like to come clean about a few things.

Although it's true that while he was writing the script for the 1995 flick "The American President" he was "smoking crack cocaine every day," he tells TV Guide, thanks to a stint at Hazelden, he's smoked it "fewer than five times" in the past two years.

It is also true, he tells the magazine, that trying to tote cocaine, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms with him on a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was a "stupid way of celebrating" the wrap of the "West Wing" season.

Nevertheless, he says, not everything reported about the circumstances of his arrest back in April was based on fact. Rumors that Martin Sheen threatened to quit the show unless Sorkin permanently swore off drugs were "simply, absolutely, completely not true."

On the contrary, Sorkin says, Sheen told him "in the most loving possible way that I was more important to him than the show, and that he would quit the show to help me. And somehow this was turned into a story that we were having a fistfight and that he had threatened to quit the show unless I went to Betty Ford."

Don't look at me.

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President Cusack?

"He made the tough decisions in 'Grosse Pointe Blank.' He couldn't be bought in 'Eight Men Out.' He's cooler than John Malkovich. And we like his politics so far."

-- The stated rationale behind an online movement to draft John Cusack to run for president in 2004.

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That's one way to make a splash

Next time you see Lara Flynn Boyle, beware of flying beverages.

The superskinny star of "The Practice" says her idea of big fun is to fling a drink in someone's face and then waltz away with nary a look back.

You'd think this might put a damper on her ability to build new and lasting friendships, but Boyle insists that her buddies find her cruelish humor rather refreshing.

"The people I hang out with have sense," she tells the upcoming issue of Allure. "They'll just say something like 'Thanks, I was getting a little thirsty.'"

Here's hoping next time, the drinks are on her.

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Then maybe he needs a haircut

"He's like me, but he's a guy."

-- Andie MacDowell on her fiancé, jeweler Rhett Hartzog.

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Juicy bits

Never mind the bloody socks. Mariah Carey's press rep insists that those rumors in the British tabloids about her client attempting suicide are 100 percent false. "There was no suicide attempt," Cindi Berger says of Carey, who she says suffered "an emotional and physical breakdown," in an interview with the New York Daily News. "Mariah did break some dishes and glasses and may have cut her foot in the process, but she definitely did not hurt herself intentionally." Got that?

So what if that big Broadway break David Hasselhoff was envisioning didn't quite work out as planned. (The musical "Jekyll & Hyde" closed shortly after he stepped into the lead role.) The whistle hasn't blown for the former "Baywatch" star yet. Oh no. His new project? "Knight Rider," the movie. Or, as Hasselhoff recently put it, the "very big feature film" based on his old TV show. The actor told British Web site Popcorn that he locked in the movie deal last week and that it's a guaranteed hit because "not a day goes by when people don't say 'Knight Rider.'" (Whoa.) KITT the talking car could not be reached for comment.

Start knitting the orange booties. Angelina Jolie is still dropping hints that she and Billy Bob Thornton may be looking to procreate in the near future. "I have this year and a half, two years between ["Tomb Raider" movies] in case I do ... get pregnant," Jolie told E! News Daily this week. Then again, they may just adopt, onaccounta, Jolie says, she's "never wanted to be pregnant." Whichever method the couple chooses, Jolie is sure to let us all know. "Everybody will know," she says. Which we believe, since neither she nor Thornton is exactly known for withholding information about the particulars of their relationship.

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