Too good to be true

Mariah's rumored wrestling match with Mira Sorvino denied; McCartney sniffs around strangers' rubbish; Leif Garrett on Britney: "She's out of control!"

Published August 7, 2001 4:29PM (EDT)

Alas, it looks as if those delicious reports of fisticuffs breaking out between Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino on the set of "Wisegirls" were just too good to be true.

Although representatives from both celebs' camps confirm that the costars engaged in a little verbal sparring over Carey's occasional tardiness, Sorvino has issued a statement strongly denying People magazine's report that a physical scuffle took place. ("Mira got into her face, and Mariah threw a salt shaker at her," producer Billy Blake told the celeb-obsessed weekly. "They wrestled to the floor.")

"No physical fight ever occurred between us, and the idea is as insulting as it is laughable," Sorvino said, adding that her "heart goes out" to Carey, who is currently recovering from an "exhaustion"-related breakdown.

"I am praying for her speedy recovery," Sorvino said.

Blake also backed away big-time from his colorful story, saying he was just relaying what others had told him. "I do not have firsthand information of any altercation between Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino, as I was not on the set that day."

Someone throw some salt at that guy.

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Pity the fool who pumps iron

"I never read in the Bible that the apostles had great abs."

-- The spiritually reborn Mr. T on why he's now less interested in pursuits of the body than in matters of faith, on Biography.

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Dung Beatle?

Paul McCartney, trash picker?

The recently engaged former Beatle is apparently not above admiring an attractive piece of garbage now and then.

"I was walking through Soho when I spotted a cupboard on a skip and thought, 'That's a nice piece of wood, I could use that,'" McCartney told the U.K. Sun.

However, his fiancée, Heather Mills, reportedly put the kibosh on his attempted skip-scooping.

"What are you doing?" she is said to have asked. "You don't need that."

"I don't need it," McCartney replied, "but I want it."

All you need is love ... and someone else's crap?

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The joke that wouldn't die

"We're getting married in two months."

-- Tom Green, still teasing the press about his marriage to Drew Barrymore, despite the fact that the two reportedly got hitched at least a month ago.

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Runaround who?

Paging Britney Spears. Leif Garrett is on Line 1. The recovering teen idol and "Behind the Music" poster boy thinks you're headed for a crash.

"She's out of control," Garrett tells Spin magazine. "They could do an episode on her now, given the breast-job rumor and -- well, I've heard a couple of other things."

Don't worry, Brit, Garrett also thinks your rival Christina Aguilera should "tone it down" and stop trying "to outscat Aretha Franklin."

And he thinks the boys of O-Town should "play up the sexual innuendo thing. Change your name to Orgasm Town."

Well, subtlety was never the guy's strong suit.

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