Clothes a no-go for J-Lo

The booty barer says she's always naked; "Suge" Knight free to enjoy burgers, revenge. Plus: Mariah's back; and Alec Baldwin loses temper!

Published August 9, 2001 4:47PM (EDT)

You might think the strangest thing about Jennifer Lopez is her taste in men or her allegedly highly diva-ish behavior.

But that's not what she thinks it is. She thinks it's her penchant for baring her booty to the world. (Perhaps you noticed?)

"The weirdest thing about me is that I like to walk around naked. I grew up walking round naked in my house," Lopez tells Glamour magazine. "My mom was like that, and my sisters. My father worked nights and slept during the day, so we had no one to hide from."

At this point, it seems, she's plumb forgotten how to hide. "Now I'll be sitting at the breakfast table and everyone's dressed except me," she says. "All the people around me are either girls or they're gay, so it doesn't matter."

Seems to me the least she could do is put on a hanky dress ...

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But their business is so much more interesting ...

"It's over, we're moving forward with our lives and I think it's important for people to mind their own business."

-- An optimistic Tom Cruise, looking for closure on his kaputski marriage to Nicole Kidman.

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Life on the outside

In the days before his release from federal prison on Monday, Death Row Records chief Marion "Suge" Knight has been quoted promising both to get revenge on his rap rivals Sean "Puffy/P. Diddy" Combs and Snoop Dogg ("It'll be like the Wild West all over again. I got plenty of scores to settle," he told the London Observer) and to be an improved man ("I want to try to do better things," he told the Los Angeles Times).

But first, he had to take care of a few creature comforts.

"The first thing I did when I got [off] the plane [in Los Angeles] was fire me up a nice cigar," Knight told Then, he said, "I stopped by a fast-food place and got me a cheeseburger and some French fries and a strawberry shake. It felt really good to dig in my pocket and [pull out cash] and pay for a meal. To press money again felt really good."

Then he went to work. "It felt magical," he said of the first moment he settled into his desk. "It felt magical to be out of prison, the vibe of the staff, the feeling of home."

Warms your dot-com-downturn embittered heart, don't it?

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Juicy bits

Love takes time, but getting over a complete "emotional and physical breakdown" apparently takes only two weeks. Mariah Carey is out of the hospital after her recent bout with exhaustion. "M.C. is feeling better," the singer's spokeswoman, Cyndi Berger, told the press. "She's under a doctor's care at an undisclosed location with her mother." A little rest, some chicken soup and she'll be back to her old self -- randomly ripping off her clothes, saying baffling things ...

It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since we gazed at those pricey photos of little Dylan Douglas, but so it is. And to mark the one-year anniversary of their son's birth, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have traveled all the way to Swansea, Wales, to spend the happy day with Zeta-Jones' relatives, the BBC reports. I hope by now the seriously weight-conscious Zeta-Jones (she delayed her wedding so as to allow her to lose the pregnancy poundage, remember?) will allow herself a bite of her son's birthday cake.

Did Alec Baldwin have a massive case of road rage last weekend or what? The New York Daily News reports that two young New York women were nearly run off the road by the actor during the weekend rush to the Hamptons. After they made a midsnarl lane change in their car, one of the women told the paper, "We heard a horn honking behind us. The next thing, this black SUV pulled alongside us. The driver mouthed something and then rolled down his window. He hung his whole body out the window and acted like he was shooting us with his finger  'pow, pow.' Like he was blowing us away. That's when I said, 'Heather, it's Alec Baldwin!'" No, I don't think they got his autograph.

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