Nutts over butts

Freddie Prinze Jr. says only Sarah sees his; Kate Winslet likens her own to broccoli. Plus: Mariah speaks!

Published August 24, 2001 7:00PM (EDT)

What's wrong with Freddie Prinze Jr.'s butt?

Nothing you'll ever be aware of. The actor made damn sure it wasn't his booty audiences got a glimpse of in "Summer Catch," the just-opened flick in which he stars with Jessica Biel and Matthew Lillard.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Prinze was initially a go to bare his backside in the film, but after fiancie Sarah Michelle Gellar asked him to keep it under wraps, he requested a "bottom double" instead.

"Nobody is ever going to see my ass besides Sarah," he says.

No ifs, ands or ... (ahem) you know.

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Maybe Freddie can give her a referral

"I looked like the back end of a bus ... My bottom looked like purple, sprouting broccoli. Other body parts resembled squashes."

-- Kate Winslet painting all too vivid an image of the toll pregnancy and childbirth took on her body, in InStyle magazine.

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Down the Hatch

Call it justice. But it looks like Richard Hatch might be a reality-TV loser after all.

After his arrest this week over a skerfuffle with an ex-boyfriend who was also, apparently, Hatch's adopted son's nanny, the evil naked "Survivor" has been dumped from the lineup of "Blind Date," the matchmaking reality TV show on which he was to be the first gay contestant.

"In light of the recent charges against Richard Hatch, the producers of 'Blind Date' have decided to delay Mr. Hatch's appearance until the pending allegations are resolved," show officials explained this week, after news of Hatch's arrest broke.

Hatch, meanwhile, says the charges of domestic violence lodged against him are all a big misunderstanding.

"All I did was push him away to keep him out of my home -- and I was arrested," Hatch insisted on the Boston morning radio show he hosts. "I actually feel sorry for the guy. He is truly, truly, truly psychologically damaged."

Former beau Glenn Boyanowski, meanwhile, has told the Providence Journal that "my version of the story is different than his."

But of course we all know that nice Richard would never, ever lie ...

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Jed, move away from there!

"Well, when you're sitting on the porch and a pretty girl walks by and your pacemaker starts to open the garage door -- well, that's how you feel."

-- Buddy Ebsen (aka Jed Clampett of "The Beverly Hillbillies") on what it feels like to be 93, in USA Today.

Second chances

Could O.J. Simpson be on the first rung of the ladder back to his old celebrity life?

The former football hero and double-murder acquittee is taking the stage in Naples, Fla., on Friday night as a co-host of a hip-hop concert.

Simpson will share hosting duties with Nore of the rap group Capone-n-Noreaga. Wyclef Jean, Foxy Brown, Lil' Mo and other big-name hip-hopsters will perform at the concert, which is being held to celebrate the first anniversary of a local radio station.

"As a group, we decided that O.J .Simpson will be a host at the show. It's definitely going to happen," concert promoter Steven Seville Marcano of Stash Mo' Cash Entertainment told the Naples Daily News. "If 12 people didn't convict him, whatever I believe, if he's right or wrong, I believe it's not my job to judge anybody. The people who judged him acquitted him. Everybody has their own personal opinion. I can't condemn someone if 12 other people didn't on the jury. I can't condemn somebody for living."

If the money belt fits ...

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Mariah speaks

"I just want to say thank you sooo much for all the letters and everything that I got from you. I want you to know you definitely can't believe everything you read. And, um, thank you, because I am taking care of myself. And as we speak -- or as I speak to you -- I'm looking at the most beautiful rainbow that is going across the entire sky."

-- Mariah Carey, in an audio message to fans on her Web site.

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Stranger in her own skin

Carnie Wilson may have shed more than half her body weight after she underwent gastric-bypass surgery two years back, but she didn't shed all her issues.

"The more weight I lost," the singer writes in her upcoming autobiography, "Gut Feelings," which is excerpted in this week's Us Weekly, "the more vulnerable I felt. I started to smoke marijuana again, because I wanted to numb out."

But now that she's past the pot (and its accompanying munchies), she's heading back under the knife.

"I'm going to have a tummy tuck, a breast lift and the skin removed on my arms, under my armpits and under my chin," she says.

But the bottoms of her feet, I'm guessing, are OK just the way they are.

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