McConaughey does it with his lips!

Actor gives mouth-to-mouth, revives fan; Jacko remains upright; Steve Martin on Heche: a "dim, dim memory."

By Amy Reiter

Published September 11, 2001 4:51PM (EDT)

If you want to get really close to Matthew McConaughey, collapse before his very eyes.

That's what Janice Flisfeder did at a Toronto International Film Festival screening of the actor's "Thirteen Conversations About One Thing" on Friday night.

"I fainted. I think it was not eating much and standing in lines all day," Flisfeder, a 49-year-old mother of three, told the Toronto Sun.

As she came to, she says, "I felt a man stroking my hair and kissing my forehead saying 'It's okay, sweetheart,' and realized it wasn't my husband. When I opened my eyes and looked back to him I just thought 'Nahh can't be.'"

But it was. Of all the celebs and fans in attendance, McConaughey was the first one on the scene.

"Matthew's a hero ... He gave her mouth-to-mouth," actress Amy Irving confirmed to the paper.

"Which we found out afterwards was why she had the seizure," added Alan Arkin.


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Janice isn't the only one feeling faint

Too bad McConaughey wasn't on the scene at Michael Jackson's $5,000-a-head post-concert party at New York's Tavern on the Green later that night.

His fellow revelers have told the New York Post that a very tired Jackson swooned, nearly fell flat on what's left of his face and had to be carried out by his handlers at about 4 a.m. on Saturday.

But Tavern on the Green spokesman Lanny Glassman has denied the report. "He was escorted all the way out, and he didn't fall between the dining hall and his car," Glassman told the paper. "There were a lot of people pushing to get near to him, but as far as we know, he never left his feet."

So don't even think of calling him the "King of Plop."

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The times, they are a-changin'

"The radio makes hideous sounds."

-- Bob Dylan on rock music today, in Time magazine.

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He ... forgot

If you were hoping Steve Martin would weigh in on the whole Anne Heche blabfest, I have disappointing -- though not at all surprising -- news for you: He wants nothing to do with it.

"The whole thing with me and her happened eight years ago," Martin told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival, where his film "Novocaine" is being screened. "It's like a dim, dim memory."

And he has no recollection at all of any signs of her split personality -- or the voices in her head. "I didn't have any experience with that at all," he said.

He may be a wild and crazy guy, but he's not about to call Heche crazy, no matter how much she wants him to.

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Juicy bits

Will Nicole Kidman get the gong? The actress has apparently committed to star in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," the Chuck Barris biopic with which George Clooney is making his directorial debut. But while shooting is scheduled to begin later this month, Empire online reports that the lead role has yet to be cast. Mike Myers, John Cusack and Johnny Depp have all reportedly turned it down. I can't imagine why ...

"Scooby Doo" director Raja Gosnell has two words for those of you wondering how he intends to make the famous Saturday morning cartoon pooch seem believable next to stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.: computer-generated animation. (OK, so one's a compound word.) "He'll look and act like a real dog, but he'll also do all the things you expect Scooby to do," Gosnell tells TV Week. "He will be able to walk on two legs, open a door and talk. He won't look like a cartoon character next to real people. He'll look real." Scooby snack, anyone?

It's not clear which part of "amicable" the U.K. press doesn't understand, but poor Kate Winslet and her estranged husband, Jim Threapleton, have apparently been compelled to describe their divorce that way several times a day. After using the a-word at least three times during his first public statement about the split over the weekend, Threapleton added, "I would like to state categorically that Kate and I have taken an absolutely equal share in looking after [daughter] Mia. She is a spectacular mother and I am extremely proud of both her and Mia." But amicability apparently does have its limits. Asked whether there was any chance at reconciliation, Threapleton replied that that possibility was "not even worth talking about." But I'm sure he said it, you know, amicably.

I'll star in yours if you star in mine? Now that Robert Downey Jr. has appeared in the video for Elton John's new single, "I Want Love," the troubled actor has asked that his flamboyant friend return the favor by appearing in "Ally McBeal." And, according to the U.K. Sun, John has agreed to film a cameo on the show later this year. Next thing you know, they'll be wearing each other's clothes ...

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