Resurrection of the Fonz

"Happy Days" on its way to Broadway? Plus: Larry "J.R." Hagman -- I dropped acid, saw octopus-like creatures, feathered lions and my granny!

Published October 19, 2001 4:26PM (EDT)

"Happy Days: The Musical"?

Aaaaaaaaaay! You got it. Producer Garry Marshall has turned his '70s sitcom about the '50s into a stage show that brings back Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph, Fonzie and the rest of the Arnold's regulars.

A staged reading of the gala musical, which Marshall hopes will eventually make it to Broadway, will hit the boards at L.A.'s Falcon Theater this Sunday for a three-night run.

The score will feature period classics. Presumably, Richie will continue to find his thrill on "Blueberry Hill," and the show will make much of the sitcom's giddy theme song.

The script will summon back old friends like Pinky Tuscadero and the Malachi Brothers. (Note to Ben and Jerry: cross-promotional opportunity for Malachi Crunch ice cream?) It will also introduce audiences to Fonzie's dad.

According to the show's spokesman, the elder Mr. Fonzarelli is a "tough merchant marine" who also has a sensitive side and is in his 40s.

In other words, if Henry Winkler were to take a role in this thing, he'd be old enough to play his own grandfather at this point. Nevertheless, I will refrain from saying anything mean about the musical, for fear of later having to say I was wrrr-rrr-rrr ... I was wrooo ... I was wro-woo-woo ...

Oh, Fonzie ...

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Another TV show takes to the stage

Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?

Headed to Broadway, too, apparently. According to Wireless Flash News, Warner Brothers is fixing to launch a stage show featuring Scoob, Shaggy and the rest of the g-g-ghost-hunting gang.

Just don't let Velma get too close to the Fonz.

Partnership for a pimple-free America

And while you're getting all nostalgic about TV shows from your youth, spare a thought -- won't you? -- for Peter Brady.

Christopher Knight, who played Peter on "The Brady Bunch," has apparently just taken a job as a spokesman for an acne education campaign directed at teenagers called "Healthy Skin, Healthy Outlook." And while the 44-year-old actor admits he himself didn't suffer from acne as a teen, he knew a lot of people who did.

Um ... OK, Scoop.

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Oh, Master!

He dreamed of Jeannie ... and a giant octopus?

Larry Hagman, of "Dallas" and "I Dream of Jeannie" fame, has decided it's time to let the world know about his dalliances with LSD.

In his new memoir, "Hello, Darlin'," co-written with Us Weekly's Todd Gold and excerpted in the New York Daily News, Hagman recalls the night Peter Fonda took him to a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert back in 1967.

"After the show we went backstage and visited David Crosby," who handed Hagman a "handful of tabs."

The man who would later shoot into the world's consciousness as J.R. Ewing tried the superpure acid and promptly saw "the entrance to a cave  guarded by octopus-like creatures with long, writhing tentacles. There were also two other creatures that looked like lions with feathers. Then I turned and saw my grandmother, who'd died when I was 12."


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