An interview with Kelly Link

Laura Miller speaks with the author of "Stranger Things Happen" about the making of Link's new book and her writing process.

Published November 19, 2001 9:00AM (EST)

Kelly Link has lived in Philadelphia, Miami, Boston and Greensboro, N.C., moving every five years or so, settling for the moment in Brooklyn, N.Y. Books have been a constant in her peripatetic life, from studying literature to working in bookstores and for publishers and, of course, writing. Link recently visited Salon's New York offices to talk about "Stranger Things Happen," her new story collection.

"Kelly Link is the exact best and strangest and funniest short story writer on earth that you have never heard of at the exact moment you are reading these words and making them slightly inexact. Now pay for the book." -- Jonathan Lethem, author of "Motherless Brooklyn"

"'Stranger Things Happen' is a tremendously appealing book, and lovers of short fiction should fall over themselves getting out the door to find a copy." -- Washington Post Book World

Listen to an excerpt of the interview below.

By Interview by Laura Miller

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