Cher and Cher alone

Turns out see-through clothes won't get you a man; Jason Priestly tempts 90210 reunion fate. Plus: Downey Jr. furthers his endeavor; and Howard Stern goes sitcom.

Published November 19, 2001 5:50PM (EST)

Cher may have the best face and body money can buy, but, alas, money cannot buy her love.

"I've been single for three years," the ex Mrs. Bono tells the U.K. Sun. "It's hard for me to meet people. And I don't know if I'll meet my Mr. Right, but it doesn't worry me."

This despite the fact that, even if the perfect guy does come along, he might not have the cojones to make his move. "It's hard for men to be Mr. Cher because of the circus that surrounds me," she explains. "Men seem intimidated by me and it's hard for them to chat me up ... I think they're scared."

And she's not the only femme fatale who's found herself frightening off the fellas. "I remember me and Michelle Pfeiffer were in a club one night and we desperately wanted to dance," she says. "We were waiting and waiting for men to ask us and we waited and waited but nobody had the courage."

But ultimately, she suspects that mere mortals may not be the answer. "That's why celebrities end up dating other celebrities ... there's not that intimidation."

Then again, she says, "I don't miss men."

Chastity would be proud.

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Or look that way, either

"In my heart of hearts, I'm a black R&B singer -- I just don't sound that way."

-- Barry Manilow on his inner hepcat, in the New York Post.

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9021 ... oh no, not again

Meet the kids for a reunion down at the Peach Pit? Jason Priestly thinks the time just isn't right for one of those teary where-are-they-now specials. And rumors that one might be in the works just make him snicker.

"I don't laugh because I think it's a stupid idea," the actor tells the Calgary Sun, "but it's only been off the air for a year and a half. It took the Bradys 15 years to get back together."

And by that time, he says, they'll have to call it, "Beverly Hills 90210: The Geriatric Years."

Now, Jason, don't go giving Aaron Spelling any big ideas.

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Juicy bits

So far, so good. Robert Downey Jr. appears to be making progress with the whole clean and sober thing. "Furthering my endeavor in recovery is really my priority for right now," the actor told a California judge at a probation hearing last week. He's sticking with the program at his Malibu rehab center, he says, and is intent on spending time with his son. "I've been able to reestablish contact with my family. That's the only privilege I consider myself really to have at this point." So I guess appearing on Elton John's video does not count as a privilege.

Howard Stern must have seen it coming. Mere hours after it was announced that his syndicated late-night TV talk show was history, the enterprising shock jock has let us know that he's developing a sitcom to fill for that same Saturday night timeslot. The show, called "Kane," will focus on a wacky Southern family presided over by a stubborn patriarch whose ex wife returns to the family roost, Variety reports. Howard goes country? Y'all ready for that?

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