Getting into J.Lo's jeans

Lopez peddles her wares to the underage set; now showing: Hurley & Bing in "Return of the Bickersons." Plus: Penelope Cruz in "Vanilla South Park"?

Published December 12, 2001 5:04PM (EST)

If you start to see a lot of teens and preteen girls walking around in extremely low-cut, see-through hanky dresses, blame Jennifer Lopez.

The diva has announced that her clothing line, Sweetface Fashion Company, will begin peddling its wares to the younger set next spring.

Based on Lopez's own inimitable style and overseen by Andy Hilfiger (Tommy's brother), Larry Stemmerman and the actress/singer herself, the clothing line includes novelty tops, shorts, skirts, dresses and jackets. Also in the collection, a vast array of jeans.


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Dirty pillow talk

"I have this devilish hobby of embroidering naughty needlework for the directors when I make movies. I give them these intricate, delicate tapestries and the cushions include expletives that can't be easily seen at first."

-- Judi Dench on her shocking way with a needle in the London Observer.

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Your daily Hurley-Bing update

The latest on the Liz Hurley-Stephen Bing paternity scuffle? Bing's current snookums, actress Brenda Swanson, has firmly planted herself in the midst of the fray, fists metaphorically flying.

"It seems extraordinary that she was in a relationship with Hugh Grant for 13 years and never had a baby," Swanson hisses to the U.K site "How convenient that it happens with the #300 million man."

Less convenient for Swanson herself is Bing's apparent reunion with his ex, supermodel Caprice, whom he's reportedly been flying around in his private Lear jet.

"They have been spending time together, but they are just friends," his spokesperson insists.

How convenient.

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Juicy bits

Bink ... bonk ... bink ... bonk ... bink ... It's not everyone's idea of exciting TV, but Pete Sampras apparently thinks a 24-hour tennis channel -- all tennis, all the time -- is a great idea. He's signed on as a spokesman for and investor in the new cable network, which is set to launch next summer. Bink ... bonk ... bink ... bonk ... bink ...

bonk ...

Now that Skibo Castle is crawling with celebs for Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti's nuptials, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have apparently decided not to return there to celebrate their anniversary. Instead, the U.K. tabloids report, the couple will fling a fete in honor of having stayed married for one whole year at Sting and Trudie Styler's 450-year-old, 41-room English mansion. The King of Pain's palace seems a particularly fitting venue, seeing as Sting and Styler first introduced the couple. No, I don't know if Ritchie will break out his wedding kilt for the occasion.

Attention, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Penelope Cruz is waiting for your call. Tom Cruise's girlfriend recently told reporters that she's "obsessed" with "South Park" and is dying to make a guest appearance. "Those guys are geniuses," she says, admitting that she recently tried to get them on the horn to talk about it. "They never called me back. I thought they would love having a voice with my accent on that show." Maybe they think she's from Canada.

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