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Gene Simmons boasts 4,600 sexual conquests -- in detail; Ben Bratt feeling no pain. Plus: Streep and Janney won't do sex scene; Britney strips for some cause or other.

Published December 13, 2001 5:49PM (EST)

Gene Simmons's new autobiography, "Kiss and Make-Up," may as well be called "Kiss and Tell." In it, he chronicles many of the 4,600 sexual liaisons he's had in his 52 years.

The Kiss frontman has used his fire-breathing charms to seduce Cher and Diana Ross, but, alas, not the late, lamented Karen Carpenter, with whom he spent a night just talking. He also slept with a policewoman in uniform, two sisters (one pregnant) at once, and even, if he remembers correctly, a woman and her ... granddaughter. He's photographed himself with each and every one of them.

But he wouldn't want you to think he's some kind of boor.

"I hope the tone isn't like what guys do when they drink beer and watch football games," Simmons, who neither drinks nor does drugs nor, presumably, has much time for football, tells Spin magazine. "There is a big difference between a gentleman who is attracted to all women and some idiot named Vinnie."

Simmons, whose real name is neither Vinnie nor Gene, but rather Chaim Witz, says that even though he's now in a committed relationship and has kids, he has no intention of resting on his libidinous laurels.

"Complacency is death," he says. "As long as a certain part of my body still braves the forces of gravity and is able to point skyward, it behooves me to use it."

No, I don't think he's talking about his tongue.

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A whiz with the Fryolator

"I don't think that people realize what a great cook and a nice person she is."

-- Kid Rock on Pamela Anderson's best assets, in the German magazine Bunte.

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Julia who?

Benjamin Bratt would like you to know that he's not -- n-o-t -- pining away for his ex-girlfriend Julia Roberts. In fact, he's not even talking to her.

"We have not had the occasion to speak," Bratt told the New York Daily News this week at the premiere of "Piqero," in which he plays the title role. "People ask me if I got my life back [after the breakup], and I tell them I never gave up my life to be with Julia. I think I've been consistent and true to myself all along."

At this point, it seems, he's not much interested in being true to anyone else.

"There's no one special person in my life now, and that's fine," he says. "I'm just dating."


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Oh, the bitter irony

"Massive commercialism."

-- Elijah Wood, whose face now graces Burger King collectible cups, on what he missed least about America while he was in New Zealand filming "The Lord of the Rings," to the Associated Press.

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Juicy bits

Bad news for those of you counting the minutes until the release of "The Hours" in hopes of seeing Meryl Streep go at it with "West Wing"'s Alison Janney. Janney says that even though she and Streep play lesbian lovers, there's no nookie. "Our characters have been in the relationship for nine years," she tells "You know what I'm saying?" Thankfully, no.

She's not a girl, not yet a woman ... but Britney Spears is a PETA poster child. The New York Post reports that the pop princess has agreed to pose for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign. And you thought she only liked to parade around half-naked.

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