Xmas at the Jolie-Thorntons

More cuteness from the lovebirds; Seagal speaks out about lawsuit; Messing finds post-9/11 depth; Patricia Arquette makes pubic hairpiece!

Published December 21, 2001 5:58PM (EST)

Don't look for Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton at the mall this year. They're avoiding the crowds and going homespun for the holidays.

"We decided to give each other one thing apiece. And that's something that we'll make," Thornton announced this week during an interview on Associated Press Radio. "If you knew anything about how little we know how to make, it's pretty hilarious."

Angie, it turns out, has a hard time making something other than headlines.

"She's ruined a few things trying to make me something already," Thornton said. "Like she tried to knit a scarf and she said it was a real disaster."

He has higher hopes for the "little thing" he's making her.

"It's very simple what I'm making her," Thornton says, though he's certain she'll like it. "It's not weird or particularly interesting, but to her, it will be."

What do you give someone who has everything including your blood in a necklace? Snot in an ankle bracelet? Saliva in a toe ring?

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Siege the day

"I want to make a stand -- everybody knows I'm being shaken down."

-- Steven Seagal on the lawsuit brought against him by Patricia Nichols, who claims he made "inappropriate comments and actions" toward her during a recording session back in 1999.

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Honk if you're feeling calmer

Those of you keeping an eye out for post-9/11 silver linings, can add the miraculous evaporation of Debra Messing's road rage to your list.

"With all that's happened since September 11, I'm realizing that what we think is the big stuff is often the small stuff," the "Will & Grace" star tells Glamour magazine. "Like, I used to be filled with road rage -- I'm a very punctual person -- and that's gone away."

Also gone away -- Messing's mess.

"I went through the house with Hefty bags, throwing out papers in my office and giving clothes to Goodwill," she says. "I just decided to let go of things that don't matter."

Big words from a sitcom actress.

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What makes Dick mad?

"I've known Michael Jackson since he was a kid ... To have another party interfere in that relationship makes me very, very angry."

-- Dick Clark on why he's filing a $10 million lawsuit against Recording Academy top dog Michael Greene alleging that Greene pressured musicians like Jackson to back out of performing at Clark's American Music Awards.

Merkin memories

Talk about wriggling out of a hairy situation. When Patricia Arquette agreed to play the role of a scientific researcher suffering from an overabundance of body hair in "Human Nature," she wasn't too thrilled that the role called for her to waltz around semi-nude. So she came up with a modesty-preserving solution.

"I came up with this pubic rug or hairpiece, which was stitched on to my panties," she tells Ananova.com. "I think you can safely say it did the job. Then, with the aid of a few pieces of sticky tape, we solved the boob problem."

But it did open a whole nother multistranded can o' worms.

"The pubic hairpiece caused quite a stir," she says, "especially when I was posing for publicity photos. The guys couldn't take their eyes off it."

Call it "tuft love."

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