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Janet Jackson stalker nabbed -- with plush toys; Diaz swears off sex scenes; Affleck generously removes pants. Plus: Stoner of the year!

By Amy Reiter
Published February 11, 2002 11:45PM (EST)

Another day, another celebrity stalker story.

The most recent stalkee? Janet Jackson.

Actually, it seems that New York City 19-year-old Mario Backman may not have been targeting Jackson herself, but rather her collection of cuddly stuffed animals, along with a few other personal effects.

Police say that Wednesday night, while Jackson was onstage performing at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, Backman breached backstage security at the concert and found his way into the singer's dressing room, where he made off with Jackson's "Hello Kitty" and Valentine's Day Minnie Mouse plush toys, an FDNY hat and some fan mail.

But before Backman could skip the scene with his fuzzy booty, Jackson's manager, Jamie Mendoza, nabbed him and summoned the police, who charged the sticky-fingered fellow with third-degree burglary.

"He did not have a backstage pass," Det. Sgt. John Giambrone told the press.

But he did have some very huggable new friends.

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Self-love, Fallon-style

"I guess if I was a little kid, I'd be a good person to look up to. Not to idolize myself or anything like that, but I'm a big fan of me."

-- "Saturday Night Live" funnyman Jimmy Fallon on his worshipability factor, in Spin.

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Stop the steam!

Enjoy Cameron Diaz's steamy sex scene in "Vanilla Sky," 'cause she ain't planning to show that much flesh again in the future.

Going at it with anyone other than her boyfriend, Jared Leto -- even for the cameras -- just isn't her thing.

"Tom was so considerate and we laughed about doing it. But I don't want to go to work and get into bed with someone else, not even Tom Cruise," she tells the World Entertainment News Network. "It's not like I enjoy it."

Tom will be crushed.

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Maybe Tom should have tried that with Cameron

"Ben wanted to share that awkwardness, so he went bottomless."

-- Amanda Peet on the thoughtful way her co-star Ben Affleck took off his pants to help her feel more comfortable doffing her top in their "Changing Lanes" love scene, in Gotham magazine.

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Juicy bits

If Roger Daltrey has his way, Mike Myers may have a brand-new bag, baby: Playing Keith Moon in an upcoming film based on the late Who drummer's brief and colorful life story. "Mike is a genius," Daltrey said. "I can really see him as Keith. I went to some of the filming of his new 'Austin Powers' film and it's hysterical. He's amazing when you meet him. So clever." And I understand he's not bad with the drumsticks, either.

Whoa, dude ... Look who's up for High Times' Stoner of the Year Award: Jason Mewes in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," Snoop Dogg in "The Wash," Marlon Wayans in "Scary Movie 2" and Owen Wilson in "Zoolander." Mewes, who is currently wanted by the cops in connection with possession charges, is a clear favorite, as far as I'm concerned. But then, he's won the award before, and it would be unkind of him to Bogart all the honors.

Whattaguy. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be presented with the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award at the Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix next month for his work with Ali's Parkinson Research Foundation and other charities benefiting inner-city youth and the Special Olympics. It's not quite the prestigious Stoney Award, of course, but, you know, it's something.

Break out your reflective tanning blankets -- Malibu Barbie is back on the beach. Mattel has announced the rerelease of the classic bronzed Barbie. The new version of the '70s favorite is due to make its deeply tanned debut today at the International Toy Fair in New York. But she does have one special new feature: She comes with her own bottle of sunblock. Not that she uses the stuff.

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