No rest for the creepy

Hurley hounded by stalker on day of son's birth; Billy Bob gets feisty about immigration trouble; Ozzy Osbourne gets White House invite; Lewinsky "not so dumb," says Lewinsky.

By Amy Reiter
Published April 5, 2002 5:51PM (EST)

Poor Liz Hurley can't get a break no matter, no how. Not even as a brand-new mother.

Thursday, at 12:22 p.m. London time, the model/actress gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. But no sooner had her spokeswoman announced that both mother and her alleged Bing baby, Damian Charles, were "happy and healthy" and doing fine, than Scotland Yard nabbed a possible malefactor lurking around Hurley's London abode.

No, it was not her alleged baby daddy Stephen Bing demanding DNA tests, pronto. The strange man in question was returning unwelcome Hurley visitor Petar Mihajlovic, 32, whom police say had been found around Hurley's home before and who, according to charges brought against him on Thursday, "carried out a course of conduct which [he] knew or believed amounted to harassment of Elizabeth Hurley" on or before April 4, 2002.

What Mihajlovic had in mind by lurking about is anyone's guess -- and just what he did to prompt the cops from taking him into custody is also unclear.

Maybe he just wanted to lend a hand with a diaper?

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More baby news

Billy Bob Thornton is not amused -- I repeat, not amused -- by reports that the Cambodian baby he and Angelina Jolie have adopted is being denied entry into the United States.

Bringing the baby home, he says, is just in the midst of a temporary delay.

"That is just so much nonsense. It's like they look at us and see we have adopted a baby and see we are happy and they think, 'How can we spoil that?'" a vaguely paranoid-sounding Thornton, now touring England with his rock band, told "So they make up stuff about us not being able to bring him into the U.S. "

Well, OK, sure, the baby's not exactly been given permission to come home yet, but Thornton insists it'll all be taken care of before you can say, for instance, "What are those two gonna do with a little baby?"

"The truth is we are in line with about 200 or so other families all in the same position," Thornton explains. "We are all waiting to have the paperwork processed, but it's all under way and it should be done within weeks or maybe even days."

And then we'll all have to think up new ways to spoil their fun.

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Steve's peeps

"It's strange to look out at an audience of celebrities and think, 'Oh, it's my friends.'"

-- Steve Martin on Oscar hosting, which, strangeness aside, he says he'd like to do again, on

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Geeks in the house

Ozzy and W?

Ozzy Osbourne's new show has won him lots of new fans -- and one of them is apparently the leader of the free world.

According to the London Express, the Prince of Darkness has received an invitation to dine at the White House with President George W. Bush. And no one's more surprised at the startling invite than Osbourne himself.

"I thought I'd be on a wanted poster on the wall," the former Black Sabbath front man told the press, "not invited to his place to tea."

Perhaps he'd like a live bat with his crumpet?

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B-4 ... and after

"Oscars are kind of like bingo, once you get through the nominations it's no longer about the performance."

-- Jodie Foster on Oscar randomness, to the Australian paper The Age.

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Psych 101

Monica Lewinsky would like to get something off her chest: She's not stupid, only given to embarrassing herself inadvertently.

"A few weeks ago I was quoted saying that I had not yet figured out whether the psychology course I was taking at Columbia was cognitive, experimental or Freudian but that closer to the end of the term I would manage to somehow figure it out," she tells celebrity researcher Baird Jones. "It was embarrassing for me because it made me look stupid because midway through the term I obviously should have known what kind of psychology I was being taught."

It was, she insists, all just a big misunderstanding.

"I said what I said because I was afraid that if I gave an accurate course description it would give away the class location. For security reasons, I did not want to encourage a stalker because so far I have been very lucky not to have been bothered in my studies at Columbia," she says. "The students on campus have been respectful of my privacy and I want to keep it that way. The last thing I want to do is start giving away where I am taking my classes to encourage the paparazzi or a weirdo."

But now, she's apparently decided it's time for the truth to come out.

"I just wanted to set the record straight that I am not so dumb that I don't know what kind of psych course I am taking, especially since that kind of description is in the title of the course."

It is, she says, "an academic psychology course to understand personality, not one training me to be a psychotherapist."

Too bad, 'cause her time's up for today.

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