Just don't call him!

Puffy's parents perplexed over variable nickname; Moby sad over non-head rubbing; Michael Clarke Duncan defends White House dis; Nicole Kidman hailed for sexpertise!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 19, 2002 4:36PM (EDT)

Puff Daddy was one thing. P. Diddy was another. But Seanie Poo?

That's what Sean Combs' mother, Janice Combs, says Sean's father calls their son, the rap mogul.

She herself alternates between Seanie, plain and simple, and Puffy.

"But I never call him P. Diddy," Mrs. Combs tells InStyle magazine. "I guess I'm going to have to soon."

I guess one person's Poo is another one's P.

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Tribal Council tryout?

"I have survived the tour, I have survived renovating and moving into a house in London, I have survived making a film with my husband on a deserted island. I'm a real survivor."

-- Madonna on her survival skills, in a letter to her fanzine Icon.

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A new kind of knob touch

Here's a tip if you ever find yourself face to face with Moby: Rub his head. Just, like, for good luck.

Go on. He wants you to.

"I wish [people] did it more," the bald musician says of head rubbing in the upcoming issue of Maxim. "Because I'm cursed with a receding hairline, they'd just be rubbing skin."

Alas, it's the flesh that seems to turn off would-be head rubbers.

"For the most part, people just leave my head alone, which is sad," Moby moans. "From a tactile perspective, they might as well be rubbing my forehead ... or my ass."

We'll just take his word for that.

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Look out, Liz!

"I want to meet Liz and wish her and her baby all the best. I'm going to call her and see if she wants to meet up."

-- Brenda Swanson, the woman Steve Bing dated and dumped after he dated and dumped alleged mother-of-his-child Liz Hurley, revealing a desire to bond, in the U.K. Sun.

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The big guy's big love

Priorities, priorities ...

Michael Clarke Duncan, the big guy from "The Green Mile," says he once turned down an invitation to the White House in order to watch sweaty guys noisily fling each other around.

"I am the hugest of wrestling fans. I'm addicted to the WWF," Duncan, who wrestles with The Rock in the flick "The Scorpion King," tells the Calgary Sun. "I got an invitation to an event at the White House a couple of years ago but couldn't go because it was being held on a Monday. Mondays are 'Monday Night Raw' and I don't leave the house for anyone or any reason."

His loss, 'cause, as we all know, there was all sorts of wrestling going on in the White House in those days.

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Nic knows sex

"Nicole is great. She's very used to love scenes. I'm not calling her easy, but she's done a lot of love scenes."

-- Ben Chaplin on how he learned a lot from the "very free" Nicole Kidman while shooting the sex scenes in the film "Birthday Girl" with her, in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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