Papa don't snitch

Madonna denies it, but dad says another baby's coming; Enrique Iglesias talks love, loneliness; Bullock heals the Teamsters. Plus: Royal dis to Clapton, McCartney, Osbourne!

By Amy Reiter
Published June 5, 2002 4:28PM (EDT)

No wonder Madonna wrote a whole song telling her dad to can the bluster. Papa Ciccone's reportedly been blabbing to the British tabloids about a new Ritchie baby, sending Madonna's spokespeeps into full denial mode.

"We're very excited that she's expecting again. It is always exciting when your children have children," Tony Ciccone apparently told Sunday People, heightening rumors that have been swirling around his daughter for several weeks. "I don't know if Madonna's child is a boy or a girl yet -- we just want the baby to be healthy."

Material Flack Liz Rosenberg, however, insists her client's father was misquoted -- or was quoted out of context -- and that Madonna's not with child at this point.

Of course, Rosenberg said the same thing when the perpetual pop star was pregnant with her son, Rocco.

But this time, Rosenberg tells the New York Daily News, "I'm not lying."

She's made up her mind she's keeping her baby ... a secret?

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Where have all the groupies gone?

Speaking of lies and secrets, Enrique Iglesias is still insisting that those stories linking him to tennis babe Anna Kournikova are just a lotta racket. But, he says, he wouldn't mind if they were true.

"There is always time for love. Any artist who says they can't find time for romance is talking nonsense," the singer says in an interview with the Croatian magazine Gloria. "But there are times when I feel lonely, particularly when I find myself alone in a hotel room after a concert."

Which is not to say he hasn't come to appreciate the pleasure of his own company.

"It is far worse when you are surrounded by people who do not know you, or do not even like you, who you know are only there because you are famous," he says. "It doesn't do you any good if they just pander to you all the time."

Actually, constant pandering sounds pretty good to me.

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Well, well, wellness

"On my films, I have masseuses on-set. I hire an acupuncturist. We set up a 'wellness center,' this big trailer where all the crew can go. At the beginning, some of the Teamsters are a little wary. But by the end, they're having their herbal teas and getting acupuncture and talking feng shui."

-- Sandra Bullock on seducing her crew with charm, chai and chi, to E! Online.

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Juicy bits

Bye-bye, Bosley. Hello ... Bernie? It's official, Bill Murray's not returning for "Charlie's Angels 2." Instead, reports, comedian Bernie Mac will be on hand to play a relative of Bosley's. A distant relative, I'd imagine.

If you were wondering how Queen Elizabeth would handle all that rock 'n' roll rubbish during her Jubilee celebration the other day, here's her secret: ear plugs. According to, Her Majesty smiled and waved like a champ during performances by Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne, but she may not have heard all that much of it onaccounta the prophylactic pluggage. God save the Queen's hearing.

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