Mini-Me shagging showgirls?

Dr. Evil's pal discusses cinematic aspirations; Beyonc

By Amy Reiter
Published July 23, 2002 4:13PM (EDT)

He may be very small, but Mini-Me's got big plans.

Verne Troyer, who plays Dr. Evil's diminutive sidekick in the Austin Powers flicks, has admitted that, while he does get up close and personal with Britney Spears and Beyoncé Knowles in the new Powers flick, "Goldmember," he has his teensy cap set for another female celebrity.

"People have asked me what I'd like to do," the tiny actor tells the New York Post. "Maybe I [could] play a romantic lead opposite Gwyneth Paltrow."

And if that doesn't work, Troyer's got a backup plan: a Mini-Me movie.

"Like if Mini-Me goes to Vegas and shags a bunch of showgirls," he tells the paper. "I'd love to do it. I think everybody would like to see it, too."

Randy little feller, isn't he?

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Don't listen, Verne

"Definitely Fat Bastard. We ain't ready for his jelly."

-- Beyoncé Knowles on which Austin Powers character is the most bootylicious, on E! Online.

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One way to take it off

Some people like to run. Some people like to swim. Sadie Frost (aka Mrs. Jude Law) apparently likes to stay fit by making like a stripper and dancing with a pole.

"People think it's seedy but I'd rather do it than bloody aerobics," Frost, who's working on a script about pole dancers with Kate Moss, tells the U.K. Sun. "You get a better body."

And a happier marriage too.

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Here we go again

Those rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are heating up again.

Veteran gossipist Cindy Adams swears they're an item, having stayed at the same bed-and-breakfast over the weekend. This just a few days after the duo were spotted stopping by a New York deli together.

Maybe they were hungry for a gossip sandwich?

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Juicy bits

Britney Spears: music thief? Enrique Iglesias' handlers are looking into claims that a new Spears song, "My Love Was Always There," is actually a blatant knockoff of Iglesias' song "Maybe." The lyrics and tune are nearly identical, the U.K. Sun reports. Oops!

Don't schedule any nips and tucks for Christy Turlington. The supermodel says she's repulsed by plastic surgery. "I'm totally opposed to Botox and collagen and cosmetic surgery. I've a few peers who have had stuff done and it's horrifying," she told the London Mail on Sunday, adding, "I think it's a very scary culture; when future historians look back, this freak obsession with cosmetic surgery and enhancement is going to be something they'll study." Right after they finish studying our freak obsession with skinny models.

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