Moder mouth strikes again

Julia, puh-leeze give Mr. Mouth a rest; Mike Myers: Still absurd after all these years. Plus: Ben eats Jennifer's cake!

Published July 26, 2002 4:06PM (EDT)

Sick of hearing the name Julia Roberts over and over and over again? Good news! Now you can forget about Ms. Roberts and focus all your attention on Mrs. Moder.

Julia's changing her name.

"I am [Mrs. Moder]," the newly married actress told Diane Sawyer in that "Good Morning America" interview earlier this week. "And all my friends call me Mrs. Moder. And I love that."

Her new identity came to her in a flash, while playing softball with some buddies.

"I got up to bat and my friend, Mike Oscher, who's a catcher behind me, went, 'All right, Moder, come on,'" she recalled, "and I thought, Wow, and that's when it really, like, hit me. I'm Moder, you know. And it's with a d-e-r. Yeah. No, I am Mrs. Moder."

This week, anyway.

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They're all domesticated!

"I love to just hang out with my daughter and son and work in my garden ... There may come a time when I'm really passionate about show business again. But at the moment, I'm happy at home."

-- Uma Thurman on how she'd rather be a homemaker than a hit maker, to WENN.

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Et tu, BeyoncÉ?

It's too soon to tell if she'll take his name, but Beyoncé Knowles seems to have found a fella at last.

After whining for months about how lonely it is to be as rich, famous and bootyful as she is, the Destiny's Child frontwoman and "Goldmember" star has reportedly been in a relationship for two whole months with singer and producer Pharrell Williams.

According to the U.K. Sun, the couple got together when Williams produced her single "Work It Out."

And speaking of working it out, Knowles is likely relieved now that two former members of Destiny's Child have settled their defamation suit against the band.

Maybe she's not so close to having that breakdown after all ...

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Oh, behave!

"It's a long way from playing street hockey in Toronto to having a star in front of the International Love Boutique."

-- Mike Myers, at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Juicy bits

Zikes! The ink on Jennifer Lopez's "amicable" divorce from Cris Judd may not yet be dry, but that hasn't stopped the singer/actress from going more and more public with her relationship with Ben Affleck. According to the New York Post, Lopez introduced Affleck to her parents this week -- at a big surprise birthday party held in her honor. Wonder if Judd's surprised by the speed with which he has apparently been replaced ...

Details about "Starsky and Hutch," the movie, are starting to emerge. Todd Phillips, who will direct Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the title roles, has told that the story will take place before the action in the TV show took place, though they are "updating the concept." "It's going to be a little bit more of a straight-ahead comedy than an all-out action movie," Phillips tells the Web site. "It will be an action-comedy with 'comedy' in capital letters." Whatever that means.

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