Size matters to Vin

"XXX" costar says Diesel shaves to make it look bigger; Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist threatens to whip it out; mama Hurley takes baby to meet Papa Bing. Plus: Marriage advice from Tommy Lee!

By Amy Reiter
Published August 9, 2002 4:23PM (EDT)

Small head, small you know what?

"XXX" star Asia Argento says it's not premature hair loss that inspired her costar Vin Diesel's bald look, but rather an issue of size.

"On the set of 'XXX' I kept kidding Vin Diesel that the reason he shaves his head is that he wants to make his head look bigger," Argento told celebrity researcher Baird Jones at the premiere of her other new film, "Scarlet Diva."

"He thinks he has a small head," she says. "What he really wants is for something else to be bigger to impress the girls, but all he can do is shave his head."

Well, I guess he could shave something else too, if he wanted to.

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Flea fiddles about

"You never know -- I might want to whip my cock out."

-- Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist, Flea, on what he hopes to accomplish on the band's upcoming tour, to Jam ShowBiz.

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Baby Bing meets Daddy Bing

I suppose it had to happen sometime.

According to the London Daily Mail, Liz Hurley has whisked her baby son, Damian, off to Los Angeles to meet his nasty daddy, Stephen Bing, whom Hurley may be entitled to sue for gobs of child support.

"She doesn't want Damian to suffer just because his parents don't get along," a Hurley intimate tells the tab. "She wants them to get to know each other, although she isn't interested in Bing's money."

No, I'm sure she's just interested in his fine family values.

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We weren't gonna say it ...

"Getting married in four days was the biggest ... mistake I've ever made. I have two beautiful kids, but ... how can you know somebody in four days? Bonehead."

-- Tommy Lee, who has just gotten engaged to Prince's ex, Mayte Garcia, whom he has known for a year, on his marriage to ex-wife Pamela Anderson, in Entertainment Weekly.

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Juicy bits

How do you say "Cough up the dough" in Russian? Lance Bass might know. The 'N Sync-er has apparently been warned that he may not get his chance to rocket his way to the International Space Station in October if he doesn't come up with the $20 million he agreed to pay for the privilege. Russia's space agency announced this week that Bass was already behind with his flight payment. Ooooh. Someone's 'N trouble ...

The next best thing to being John Malkovich: wearing John Malkovich. According to, the quirky actor is launching his own clothing line, designed to suit his own "classic" tastes. He'll collaborate on the dandy duds with New York fashion guru Francesco Rulli. But though the label will bear Malkovich's stamp of approval, it will not carry his name. Instead, it will be called "Mrs. Mudd." Mrs. Mudd?

Jeesh. What some people won't do to get next to Nicole Kidman. The Transilvania Expres reports that a teenage boy got trampled during a stampede of people hoping to play extras in the film "Cold Mountain," which Kidman is filming in Romania. The 14-year-old reportedly fractured his shoulder and suffered injuries to his head and chest after he got smushed against a gate in the stampede. Now that's cold.

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