A girl's breast friend

Anna Nicole and Jamie Lee talk about their mammary glands; Hugh Grant on superficial women; will Willis and Moore do it some more? Plus: Liz Hurley on loving, leaping and lots of water!

By Amy Reiter

Published August 21, 2002 4:58PM (EDT)

If anyone could single-handedly touch off a renewed outbreak of the dread mammarius self-approbitus, it would be Anna Nicole Smith.

"I love my breasts," the busty widow/reality-TV star gushes in the upcoming issue of Us magazine.

This despite the fact that she's had more implants and removals than she's had appearances in court.

How many surgeries, exactly? "I don't know," she confesses. "I lost count."

She suspects it may be less than a dozen, though.

"When you first get them, you want them bigger and bigger," she explains. "I just snapped out of it one day and was like, 'What am I doing to myself?'"

Well, maybe not all the way out of it ...

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Letting it all hang out

And while we're on the subject of cosmetic surgery, Jamie Lee Curtis has apparently snapped out of it, too.

"I've had a little lipo. I've had a little Botox. And you know what? None of it works," the actress tells More magazine. "None of it."

Now, she wants the world to know, "I don't have great thighs. I have very big breasts and a soft, fatty little tummy. And I've got back fat."

And to prove it, Curtis appears in the magazine clad only in a sports bra and spandex shorts, wearing no makeup and in an unflattering light and pose.

It's all part of her addiction-recovery process, she says, in which she feels compelled to "expose more layers."

Yes, you can scream now.

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Skin deep

"Stars attract a certain kind of superficial woman. And I like superficial women."

-- Hugh Grant on the advantages to fame, in InStyle.

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Juicy bits

Old habits die hard. Ex-couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have been spotted together so often recently -- even engaging in an occasional public caress -- that people are starting to suspect they may be reuniting. But according to the New York Post, none of their intimates are willing to talk about it. This week.

Definitely not getting back together -- not now, not ever: Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant. It's not that she's not superficial enough for him. Nope, that's not it. It's that she's totally over him and is looking to "play the field" a little herself. "There's been a lot of water under the bridge," Hurley tells USA Today. "I love Hugh. He's the best friend in the world. But life has moved on." Then again, she says, even though she's looking to date, "I certainly don't want to leap into anything frightening." Like that Bing thing.

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