Britney: "Who cares if I've had sex?"

Spears: No press conference on copulation; Lucy Liu ready to get "ass kicked" by Bill Murray; Madonna and Guy's desert-island life. Plus: Jacko fathers third child!

Published August 23, 2002 4:38PM (EDT)

Remember all that stuff about Lucy Liu and Bill Murray nearly coming to fisticuffs during the filming of the first "Charlie's Angels" flick?

Liu won't confirm or deny that she and Murray had their issues, but she's apparently ready for a rematch with him all the same.

"Oh, I'd love to get my ass kicked by Bill Murray," the actress tells Maxim magazine. "He's tall, like, 6'4", and I'm 5'3". I think he's really smart and hilarious."

Those are certainly two important features in an opponent, I suppose. But even though Liu says she thinks "it'd be really fun if we got in the ring together," she'd apparently rather not have the rest of us there watching them mix it up -- even from afar.

"Do me a favor," she says. "If you ever see that I'm going to be on 'Celebrity Boxing,' please just kill me first."

Or maybe we should just send Murray in to do the job.

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Not those press conferences she held to announce she was a virgin

"Who cares if I've had sex? It's nobody's business. Trust me, I'm not going to have a press conference to announce it."

-- Britney Spears on her own personal, private business, in People.

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The rich get Ritchier

So what if they're one of the most famous couples in the whole entire universe? Madonna and Guy Ritchie really want us all to know that, as far as they're concerned, they're just a normal, everyday mom and dad, busy lavishing love upon their offspring.

"The truth is, you could derive so much pleasure out of kids that you relegate the downside to nothing. You're always carried away with the positive aspects of kids," Ritchie tells the upcoming issue of Jane magazine. "Do we talk about having more kids? Sure. Do I talk about it with reporters? No."

Do they talk about fame with reporters? Yes.

"Fame is only a desert island if you give it a place of importance in your life," Madonna declares, though Ritchie turns the metaphor on its head.

"We stopped reading papers and stopped watching the telly, so we live in a vacuum," he says. "I like it on our desert island."

They're convinced they'll be marooned there together for a long time.

"We're both going in the same direction ... It's all about the big picture, so I'm sure wherever one goes, the other will go as well," Ritchie says.

"What is the big picture?" Madonna asks. "Seeing the end in the beginning, receiving for the sake of sharing and world peace."

Oh, and getting filthy rich while they're at it.

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Watch out, Mr. Bing!

"Now I kind of wish I had six!"

-- Liz Hurley on babies, in Hello! magazine.

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Good lord! Not again ...

Guess what, Liz and Guy? Michael Jackson's apparently on a parenthood jag, too.

According to People magazine, Jackson's been introducing a 6-month-old boy around as his "third child."

The name of 5-year-old Prince Michael and 4-year-old Paris's little brother? Prince Michael II.

"That's correct, Prince I and Prince II," Jackson's buddy Gary Pudney told the magazine, adding, however, that sometimes Jackson refers to the baby simply as "the third" or "No. 3."

Jackson's camp is insisting that the baby was not adopted, but was rather conceived "the natural way," and possibly carried by Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, who mothered his first two children.

You know, that may be the first time I've ever typed Jackson and "natural" in the same sentence.

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