Barrymore wants meat

Drew chooses steaks and leather over vegetarianism; Blabenstein: Former SNLer Julia Sweeney says she's "easily orgasmic"! Plus: Kato Kaelin is baaack. Again.

By Amy Reiter

Published August 28, 2002 4:09PM (EDT)

Drew Barrymore's going through a few changes.

According to the London Daily Star, the former Mrs. Tom Green is single yet again, having just broken up with boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for the band the Strokes. The couple had been together for four long months (just one month less than Barrymore was married to Green), but have opted to head for splitsville onaccounta their busy, divergent schedules.

But at least Barrymore can now drown her sorrows in a big, juicy steak.

The actress tells the tabloid that she's given up on vegetarianism.

"I still don't eat a ton of meat, and I don't wear a ton of leather, but I just don't put strict limitations on myself anymore," she tells the tabloid.

"I didn't wear certain designers because I didn't want any animals to suffer for beauty ... so I literally was dressed by Old Navy at one point," she explains. "Eventually I got tired and wanted to play again. Dressing is like an art form -- it's so much fun."

Nothing like vanity to make you rethink your values.

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Will Smith's poetic soul

"Recently I read Aristotles Poetics. It made me reevaluate all of the things I thought I knew, and it really sparked a fire in me ... Every emotion you'll ever feel, everything you're ever gonna do in your life has been done for thousands of years, especially relationships."

-- Will Smith on what he's reading now, in Book magazine.

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O Julia

Julia Sweeney may have played the frustratingly androgynous Pat on "Saturday Night Live," but in real life she's apparently neither androgynous nor frustrated.

In fact, she admits, she's something of a sex machine.

"I want to enjoy the feeling of desire instead of focusing on the orgasm," Sweeney tells Glamour magazine of her current goals for maximal enjoyment in the sack. "That's only good if you're easily orgasmic, which I fortunately happen to be."

Easily orgasmic, she says, "and multiple!"

It's not like every time the wind blows she feels a tingle. But occasionally, when she gets in a cab and the seat vibrates, she'll "almost" enjoy a sneaky little "O."

Man, at least Pat left something to the imagination.

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Juicy bits

Hugh Grant, soulful crooner? According to the London Daily Mail, Liz Hurley's former flame is hoping to record an album of classic love songs. "A couple of record companies have expressed an interest," one source tells the paper. Come to think of it, Hugh'd probably do a pretty convincing Bing Crosby stutter-sing.

Good news for washed-up celebrities desperate for attention and denied a stint on Fox's "Celebrity Boxing": Fox's "Celebrity Boot Camp" is heading out over the airwaves on Sept. 30. So who's hard-up enough to sign on for humiliation on the two-hour special? Professional houseguest Kato Kaelin, former pop princess and Playboy Playmate Tiffany, erstwhile "Baywatch" babe Traci Bingham and rapper Coolio. Very uncool, Coolio. Very uncool.

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