The opposite of terror sex

Why Christy and Ed split, what Heath won't wear, when Winona takes the stand.

By Amy Reiter

Published September 19, 2002 4:30PM (EDT)

Can we blame the terrorists for the demise of Christy Turlington and Ed Burns' relationship?

Turlington does. She tells Vogue magazine the love between her and Burns was undoubtedly a casualty of the events of 9/11.

Due to be married just a few weeks after the attacks, the couple could not agree on how to proceed.

Burns wanted to postpone or relocate their destination wedding because he and his family were afraid to travel for the ceremony. Turlington, who calls herself a "true Capricornian control freak," wasn't having it. She felt that, no matter what, the show must go on.

"No matter where we chose [to get married], some people would still have to travel, so if this was our reason for postponing, then we would have to wait until it was safe for everyone," the model tells the magazine. Or not get married at all.

Wait, does this mean the terrorists won?

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Space case

And while we're exposing the reasons behind failed relationships ...

Word is that Lance Bass was jilted at the altar by Pepsi because the company, which was reportedly considering sponsoring his big trip into space on a Soyuz rocket, turned out to have a fickle heart.

According to, Pepsi bigwigs are rumored to have decided they could get a bigger publicity bounce for their bucks if they sponsored a reality TV show in which the winner got sent into space than if they simply sent the earnest 'N Sync-er.

That really 'N Stinks for poor Lance.

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No hose for Heath

"I'm a rebel in Hollywood. People keep telling me I have to do big popcorn movies in order to do the smaller ones that really appeal to me. They keep talking to me about opportunities, but I refuse to put on tights and play a superhero."

-- Heath Ledger on his aversion to things clingy, in the Calgary Sun.

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Juicy bits

Zippergate, the musical? The London Mirror reports that Russian composer Vitaly Okorokov is working on an erotic musical based on the relationship between Bill Clinton and that woman Monica Lewinsky. The musical will, however, transfer the action from the White House to the Kremlin and it will take place between Vladimir Putin and a woman named "Masha Lewinskonova," who undoubtedly sings a great thong, er, song.

Bum rap: Word is LL Cool J has just been cast in the film "S.W.A.T." in which Samuel L. Jackson is set to star with Colin Farrell, Jeremy Renner and Michelle Rodriguez. That means Jackson may have to eat his words about refusing to share the screen with a hip-hop star turned actor ...

Break out your "Free Winona" T-shirts. It looks like Winona Ryder's shoplifting case might really be going to trial after all. The Associated Press reports that negotiations for an out-of-court resolution have broken down, and that a trial date, Oct. 7, has now been set. "Winona is looking forward to the chance to prove herself innocent of the charges," one of Ryder's attorneys told the press. And we're looking forward to her attempt to do so.

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