Trick or tweak

J.Lo's breast in show; joke's on Madonna; what weenie is Heath Ledger grabbing? Plus: Spielberg mind control!

By Amy Reiter

Published October 22, 2002 4:37PM (EDT)

Those demanding-diva rumors about Jennifer Lopez just keep popping up like ... well, I won't say what. But she really might want to nip this latest one in the bud.

It's about nipple tweaking.

According to London's Sunday People, during a recent video shoot for "Jenny From the Block," Lopez required not one, but two fast-fingered fellas to tease her nipples so they would protrude through her string vest in just the right way.

What's more, the tabloid claims, when a few flicks of a digit failed to do the trick, a couple of ice cubes were employed to do the requisite fluffing.

I know, I know, I'm a boob for repeating such rumors. But it is my job to keep you people abreast.

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Queen disses queen

"It's better than a knighthood."

-- Queen guitarist Brian May on nabbing a star -- along with band mates Roger Taylor, John Deacon and the late Freddie Mercury -- on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Ho, ho, ho! Heath Ledger in a G-string?

Speaking of chilly receptions and random misunderstandings, Heath Ledger says he had an unfortunate TV experience when he first came to the United States from Australia.

"I was promoting a film ["10 Things I Hate About You"] with Julia Stiles so I went on the 'Regis and Kathie Lee Show,'" Ledger told celebrity researcher Baird Jones at the premiere party for "The Ring," which stars Ledger's girlfriend, Naomi Watts. "Regis innocently asked me what I did Down Under for Christmas fun, so I told him that me and my mates liked to put on our thongs and grab weenies and look at the girls go by, and that was our perfect way to male bond."

Needless to say, his confession had quite an effect.

"The whole audience just went silent and Regis was all frantic gesturing for a commercial break," Ledger recalls. "On the break, my movie's publicist came rushing over, saying, 'Heath, what is this, some kind of crazy practical joke? You're on national TV!' So I explained to her that in Australia Christmas is our summer and thongs to us are flip-flops not G-strings and I had just meant putting hotdogs on the barbie."

Not that he ever got a chance to explain his case to the audience.

"They decided to just go on with the show like nothing had happened and not try to translate my comments," he says. "But everyone was stiffly waiting for my next outburst. So there it is now, my belated public explanation to TVland."

Why, what did you think he meant by grabbing weenies?

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More on weenie grabbing

"[Sex is] one of the best and cheapest beauty treatments there is."

-- Joan Collins on the key to eternal youth, in an interview with the BBC World Service.

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Juicy bits

Madonna, the scribbler? The perpetual pop star says she's writing a comedy film based on her own experience with fame. "It's about a girl who's incredibly famous and all the insanity of her life," she tells the U.K. Sun. "She lives in Hollywood and is well known but she's not well respected." But don't think for a minute she's getting all humble on us. Oh no. "I think it's hysterically funny," Madonna says of her screenplay thus far. Sort of like "Swept Away"?

Steven Spielberg's stalkers really seem to be even crazier than most. Remember the guy who collected all sorts of kinky sex gear in apparent hopes of using them on the director? Or how about the 20-something guy who registered in high school claiming to be Spielberg's nephew? Now Spielberg's had to take out a restraining order against a woman named Diana Louisa Napolis, who claims that Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw, are part of a "satanic cult" that implanted a microchip in her noggin in hopes of controlling her. "To state the obvious," Spielberg said in a court statement quoted on, "I am not involved with any form of manipulating Ms. Napolis's mind or body through remote technology or otherwise." Guess he'll leave the body manipulation to J.Lo's minions.

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