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Rosie wants to rescue Martha, and Justin wants a girl like Mom. Meanwhile, back at the Stamos ranch, Rebecca lap-dances and John takes notes.

By Amy Reiter
Published November 5, 2002 7:37PM (UTC)
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Here's hoping the acting thing continues to work for Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. There are so many careers she's already ruled out.

Rat wrangler, for one.

"I definitely do have a huge phobia about rats," Romijn-Stamos tells Maxim. "I can't deal with rats, can't even see one in a cage. They make me sick."


Or a jockey. Horses, she says, "are just too big and unpredictable to depend on."

Or a professional bungee jumper: "Bungee jumping ... freaks me out for some reason."

Or a dentist. She has, she tells the magazine, "a fear of bad breath -- both having it and smelling it."


Also, despite the fact that she strips down to nothin' and goes at it with both Rie Rasmussen and Antonio Banderas in "Femme Fatale," Rebecca Romijn-Stamos says she could never be the sort of exotic dancer she plays in that film.

"I find it almost impossible to be sexy on demand so I don't think I could ever be a lap dancer," the former model tells the Calgary Sun.

In fact, she claims, the only way she got through some of those lap-dancing scenes was with a little help from her husband, John Stamos.


"I rehearsed for John. He was only too happy to help me," she says. "Afterwards he actually gave me notes and they were very insightful."

Maybe. But any lap dance that inspires note taking needs a bit more heat.

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Keep the mint


"I love this city very much. All my love to all of you. I'm going to sleep now. I love you, Michael Jackson."

-- A note written on a pillowcase by Michael Jackson and tossed out a London hotel room window to fans below, according to the London Express.

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Next Bing thing

Looks like Steve Bing wants to be famous for more than just impregnating both Elizabeth Hurley and Kirk Kirkorian's then wife Lisa Bonder. And his latest production, presumably, will neither dirty a diaper nor cry.

According to Variety, the wealthy fellow is writing, directing and producing a comedy called "Why Men Shouldn't Marry."


And thanks, one assumes, to his deep pockets, he's recruited some big names to star in it: Sean Penn and Woody Allen. Penn reportedly plays a divorcee turned anti-marriage guru who faces off with Allen's character, another divorcee who still believes in marriage.

Next Bing project, "Why Men Shouldn't Knock Up Famous Women and Run"?

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Oedipus Timberlake


"Somebody like [my mother]. Somebody that understands me, somebody that understands the things that I go through, uh, in my career. "

-- Justin Timberlake on what he's looking for in a woman, to Barbara Walters.

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Juicy bits

It's a boy with a name! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have finally seen fit to share the name of their little bundle of joy. The little tyke will henceforth be known as James Wilke Broderick, and he left Lenox Hill Hospital on Friday clad in a pale green pashmina. Gotta start imbuing that fashion sense early, I guess.


It's the stuff of Tony Soprano's deepest, darkest dreams: Dr. Melfi ... naked. "Sopranos" shrink Lorraine Bracco will replace Kathleen Turner as Mrs. Robinson -- towel-dropping scene and all -- in the Broadway production of "The Graduate" on Nov. 19. How does that make you feel?

The former Queen of Nice would like to come out of retirement to defend the shamed Doyenne of Domesticity. If she still had her show, Rosie O'Donnell tells TV Guide mag, "I'd be singing Martha Stewart a love song every day." In fact, Rosie'd like to rally the troops even now. "I want every housewife in America to band together and refuse to let them tear down one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in our country's history," she says. And just imagine the tastefully designed placards they'd tote.

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