Postmodernism: Deconstructed

The writer locks himself in the audio booth, takes a deep breath, and explains the universe in just over 12 minutes.

By Ranted by Cary Tennis
November 8, 2002 4:35PM (UTC)
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This week, having embarked on a quest to understand postmodernism as it relates to our nation's youth and their baffling indifference toward Carlos Santana, the author reads aloud from a scholarly article by Ryan Moore titled "... And Tomorrow is Just Another Crazy Scam: Postmodernity, Youth, and the Downward Mobility of the Middle Class," in "Generations of Youth," and then expostulates with debatable coherence about how the great divide between the boomers and the Xers is nothing more than the great divide between high modernism and postmodernism.

By the time he has finished, the night is over. The windows of the studio are fogged, the ashtray is full of mashed-out American Spirits, and the engineer has nodded out facedown in his beer. Far across San Francisco Bay, the rosy-fingered dawn is creeping over the hills, looking for a Starbucks.

Ranted by Cary Tennis

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