Dirrty flicks

Christina seeks perfect role for her screen debut; ex-Bond can't face another martini; it's bewitching Nicole, by a nose. Plus: Bullock and the Bachelor.

Published December 9, 2002 5:03PM (EST)

Dirrty girl, interrupted?

Singing and writhing around wearing next to nothing is all well and good, but Christina Aguilera has bigger ambitions: She wants to act.

In fact, she may, at this very moment, be poring over a script in search of the perfect role to make her big-screen debut.

"Something edgy would be good," she tells MTV.com. "I like the kind of roles Angelina Jolie usually plays, like 'Girl, Interrupted.' Something with substance."

Then again, she may want to pull an Eminem and do a movie loosely based on her own life.

"I have some ideas of my own," she shares, "so maybe I'll get with a screenwriter to put them to paper."

Could it be she never learned to write?

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This is your future, Pierce Brosnan

"I haven't had one martini since I left playing 007. I'm sick and tired of that same wisecrack in every bar: 'Oh, shaken and not stirred, eh?'"

-- Timothy Dalton on the dryness of life after Bond, James Bond, to PeopleNews.

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Follow her nose

If Christina Aguilera really wants to pattern herself after an actress of principle, she might look to Nicole Kidman.

Kidman says she intends to do all her own nostril gymnastics when she steps into the role of Samantha in the big-screen version of "Bewitched." She's turning up her perky nose at the idea of a stunt schnozz.

"I haven't gotten the nose down yet, but I'm determined that I'll do my own nose twitching and they won't have to use special effects," Kidman tells the Chicago Sun-Times.

Endora would be so proud.

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Give me a banana peel, stat!

"My fear would be if anything that he would pull some sort of prank."

-- Julianna Margulies on the prospect of meeting her old "ER" lover, George Clooney, on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Monday night, to the Associated Press.

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Juicy bits

If you were addicted to "The Bachelor" and are afraid to admit it, don't worry. Sandra Bullock feels your pain. "I thought it was demeaning to women, all that," the actress tells the New York Post. "But I saw it ... and I was hooked for five weeks. I know, I know ... I'm ashamed!" Big talk from the woman who saw nothing wrong with appearing in "Speed 2."

Angelina Jolie is doing her best to contribute to the real estate bubble ... all over the world. Not only has she recently invested in property in Cambodia, the home country of her adopted son, Maddox, but she's also just plunked down the cash for a country house "with a bunch of land" in England. "I'm planning to have a bunch of kids, so I want a lot of space for them to run around in," the actress tells the London Daily Mail. "I feel more connected to the world living in England than I do in America. When I'm in the States I feel very detached." So that explains it.

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