Red whips and Nicole's lips

Arnold says no to licorice; Tom's ex is a good kisser. Plus: Jack sleeps alone.

By Amy Reiter
Published December 10, 2002 5:33PM (EST)

The latest celebrity to hop on the anti-Bush bandwagon? Spike Lee.

"I'm not a fan at all," the frank-talkin' director declares in the upcoming issue of Men's Journal. "The war on terrorism doesn't equate to 'Let's bomb everybody and sort it out later.' Now we're gonna focus on Saddam because we can't find Bin Laden? That's bullshit. We've got problems here. People out of work."

And Lee's still steamed about how the president got into office in the first place.

"Elections have been stolen in the past, but at least people were discreet about it," he says. "This past election was bamboozled. But he's not winning in 2004. I'll put money on it."

And he'll put his mouth where his money is, too. Though Lee says he was "young and dumb" in the early days of his career when he "was speaking out on everything." Now, he says, he picks his battles carefully.

"Otherwise people just tune you out," he says.

But sometimes you just gotta do the right thing.

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Tom's loss is her gain

"Fabulous ... [It] didn't go on long enough."

-- Miranda Richardson on the all-too-brief pleasure of kissing Nicole Kidman in "The Hours," to TV Guide Online.

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Terminate this

Meanwhile, if Arnold Schwarzenegger ever gets into office, as he's perpetually hinting he might try, it probably won't be thanks to the licorice-lovers' vote.

Claire Danes says that, during the filming of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," the burly star is doing everything he can to get her to go cold turkey on her shameful addiction to red licorice.

"Arnold keeps walking up to me and saying: 'Do you know how many carbs are in those things?'" Danes tells the Calgary Sun.

She thinks it's a nefarious plot to get her to repent from the pleasures of the tooth and pay more attention to her body.

"He hasn't tried to get me to work out in his private on-set gym yet," she says, "but I have a feeling that could be next."

But of course that could be her red-dye-induced paranoia talking ...

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Speaking of fishy food issues ...

"Salmon is quite a yang food; it's considered an angry fish because it swims against the tide. So, if I'm feeling lethargic before a show and I need to be fiery, salmon's a great fish to eat."

-- Boy George, taking the you-are-what-you-eat thing just a bit too far in the London Observer.

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Juicy bits

If you've ever wondered what things are like in the bedroom for aging lothario Jack Nicholson and his superskinny sometime seducee Lara Flynn Boyle, the answer might be duller than you ever imagined. "I'm a different guy here in my 60s. I don't have the same libido," Nicholson tells Newsweek. "It used to be that I didn't think I could go to sleep if I wasn't involved in some kind of amorous contact or another. Well, I spend a lot of time sleeping alone these days. That's different. And very liberating ... my fear is that I'm beginning to prefer it." Age, it's a bitch.

And if you doubt that, Paul Hogan is ready to further prove the point. The "Crocodile Dundee" star, who cinematically wrestled with wildlife with such impunity for decades, has just been hospitalized after suffering a slipped disk while moving furniture in his Sydney, Australia, home, the Associated Press reports. We won't ask him about his libido ...

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